Recap/Picspam: 4×08 Akanahe (Reluctant Partners) #H50

Geck-0-Meter: 8 geckos

Even though I missed my Danny so much!! Still, an action-packed and entertaining episode, with a surprisingly good villain. It was nice to see more of Grover and his personal life, too.

We begin with the Kono/Adam storyline, and the team has abducted Sato. He claims that he helped Adam fake his own death! What?! Who ever heard of doing something crazy like that? And doesn’t Adam know that Joe is the fake-death-ologist on this show? We need to stick with the established job descriptions, Adam.

Now that Kono knows Adam is still alive, she decides to stay and look for him, even though Chin Ho reminds her that she and Adam are both safe from Michael Noshimuri’s men as long as they think Adam is dead.

As Steve, Chin, and Catherine return to the office, Steve is talking on the phone to Danny. Danny’s upset because his dad bought himself a Corvette for his 60th birthday.

After they hang up, the phone rings again.
Steve: “Did you forget to tell me how much you missed me?…………..I, uh, no, I thought it was Detective Williams……Yes, sir. Absolutely, Governor, I’ll be right there.”
Ahahahahaha! I was cracking up. I don’t think explaining that he thought he was talking to Danny improved the situation much.

Next stop, the bedroom of a teenager who’s video chatting with a boy. They’re getting a little risqué, when who should walk in but….Grover! Oh, dear, this is his daughter? Interesting! He takes the laptop and tells Samantha to get ready for school. Loved the One Direction poster on her wall!

This showdown at the Governor’s residence was epic! McGarrett and Grover both pull up in their giant trucks. Both get out and swagger (well, more swaggering on McGarrett’s part) and argue. I half expected to see an old wild west saloon in the background, while they faced each other on a dusty street to see who would draw first.

I already want to see more of these two together!

Inside the Governor’s office, Steve continues to stand while Grover sits, probably to prove that he is still the alpha male (Steve is a Topper!!!).

Seems the head of SWAT has filed a complaint against the head of Five-0. That’s not good!

I liked how Denning kept saying, “Steve.” And he made Steve finally sit down! Neither boy is too happy right now.

Denning is going to ignore the complaint and force them to learn to play nice together. Their first task is to serve a warrant together to a young man who hasn’t paid his parking tickets. Of course, neither one is willing to let the other one drive, so they take both giant trucks. (BTW, how Steve doesn’t have a front license plate?)

Rev-rev-rev that engine! Yes, I know, you want to rev Steve’s engine yourself, but let’s stick to the plot. This time.

Speaking of the plot, here’s a nice picture of Ian Wright’s house.

Grover: “What are you, Pavlov’s dog or something? That’s Halo. My son plays it all the time.”   *smirk*

Ian is a little surprised that Five-0 would personally delivered a warrant about parking tickets.
McGarrett: “He’s not Five-0.”
Grover: “I’m not Five-0.”

Before they can leave Ian’s, however, someone starts shooting at them. Eek! Both guys immediately slip into cop mode, but the bad guys manage to kidnap Ian anyway.

I don’t know, but maybe if McGarrett kept his eyes open while shooting, he would have done better.


As everyone knows, the best way to outwit kidnappers is with cupcakes, so McGarrett and Grover get busy in the kitchen. I hope they make the kind with cream cheese frosting! That’s my fav.

McGarrett and Grover have to set off on foot to chase the bad guys (who were smart enough to slash all their giant truck tires).
McGarrett: “You have a very angry disposition, you know that?”
Grover: “Maybe it’s because I’m with you.”
Sound familiar to anyone else??

McGarrett: “Would you stop that? You look like a flying giraffe.”
Sorry, no cell service out here in the old wild west, Grover.

They have an interesting conversation while walking. Grover was a 20-year veteran of the force in Chicago and on his way to being really important. He’s got a secret! (Proof that he will fit right in on this show.)
McGarrett: “Unless he’s running from something.”
Grover: “By night he’s a Navy SEAL. By day, he’s a shrink.”

They find the car, abandoned and with evidence of a recent bank robbery (dye packs and tear gas). Hmmm…why did bank robbers kidnap Ian? The bad guys steal a car and drive off again, so Steve decides to chase them in the only old wild west way possible: horseback, of course! He even suggests they cut ‘em off at the pass!

Eventually, they find their way back to town and to the bank that was robbed. Except the people at the bank claim they weren’t robbed, because they can see all of their money on a video feed. When they open the vault, though—Gasp!—the money is gone! And—Gasp!—doesn’t Steve look delicious in that gray t-shirt? (Told you earlier this week I like him in gray.)

Back at HQ, we find out lots of stuff. Ian is a computer hacker who was expelled from college for hacking the school computer and stealing final exams. Steve has the job of making lots of gestures when he talks this week, while Danny is absent. And Grover finally tells everyone that this hacker just might have his daughter’s pink laptop at his disposal. Ack, do you think he’s video chatting with the Samantha’s boyfriend??

Cath enters to tell everyone that she’s found the connection between Ian and the bank robbers. She tries to look cool, but she can’t get the pictures to slide magically from her Surface to the big screen. That’s okay, Cath, I wouldn’t have been able to do this either, and I would have probably dropped my Surface in the process, and it would have shattered all over and chipped the corner of the table computer, and the sparks from that would have set off the sprinklers, and then I would have tripped while running to my office to grab an umbrella and…well, it would have just been mass pandemonium. *shudder*

McGarrett and Grover head off to the house of Diamond, the defense attorney for both Ian and the bank robbers. He’s not there! Ewwww….his foot has been chopped off to disconnect the ankle monitor that he’s been wearing while he awaits trial!

They track Diamond to the marina, but still no Ian! Back to the blue room with someone—one of the bank robbers? Steve figures out from the interrogation that Ian wasn’t hired by the bank robbers to hack the bank. He hired them! He’s the mastermind!

He only pulled the bank job as a test run, because next he’s going to hack into some US Embassies.

Note from me: It’s nice that McGarrett and Grover are working so great together now. No competition, now that they are focused on the case. They’re both true professionals, starting to see the value that each has.

Nekky trigger finger!

Now, back to the case: Samantha’s laptop has come online! Off to the airport, in hopes that Ian is with that laptop. And he is!

Oh, dear, he has hacked into the computer on a plane, and he’s taken it off course.

He will only relinquish control of the plane if they let him go free by putting him on a flight to Pago Pago. Where he plans to play ping pong. On a pogo stick.

Catherine has been able to get a computer program that will block Ian’s program, but only if she can upload it to the computer he’s running it from. Guess what? It isn’t the laptop. They decide they have to play along and put Ian on that flight, until they know for sure they can block his program.

McGarrett and Grover use Ian’s parking tickets to figure out the location of the computer! Clever guys!

I’m kind of hungry for pancakes right now. Hmmm…

Cath heads out to upload that program to a computer at Oahu State University, where Ian was using the computer lab. We have some tense moments while the program loads. Will it be in time? Maybe she shouldn’t have stopped to return her overdue library books on the way to the college. Steve has to put Ian on that flight, because he’s running out of time.

It’s finished! McGarrett and Grover can go pull Ian off the flight!

He’s not there! Just the lonely pink laptop!

No one knows what happened to Ian.

Back at the Governor’s office, both Steve and Grover want to take responsibility for what they see as the failure of the mission. Each wants to make sure the other isn’t blamed for Ian getting away. But the Governor believes they saved hundreds of lives by saving that flight, and he congratulates them.

As they leave the Governor’s mansion, they are on better terms than they were the last time.

But Grover still won’t ride shotgun.

Lovely scene with Grover and Samantha. They’ve all moved here to Hawaii together to make a fresh start, and they will stand by each other. I wonder where Grover’s wife is?

Steve stops at the ATM to pick up some cash. I guess he has to carry his wallet and pay for his own stuff because Danny is out of town.

I loved this ending! Ian might be back, at least to taunt McGarrett some more.


18 thoughts on “Recap/Picspam: 4×08 Akanahe (Reluctant Partners) #H50

  1. Great epi! Best so far! I missed Danny too but Grover made it less painful! And the scenery was just spectacular! Steve in a grey tee! Melting… 😍😘 I do know if any ATM talked to me like that I’d faint!!

    • He and Steve have a great chemistry, and they really brought it forward this time. I hope we see lots more of Grover. And lots more of Steve in the nice t-shirt and tight pants. 😉

  2. Lovely recap! In no hate toward others, I think you give the BEST recaps! 🙂 Loved Grover wearing the “Good Housekeeping Forever” pin. made me guffaw. My conclusion to McGarrett closing his eyes while shooting is the getaway car kicked up dirt and it got into his eye. Totes feasible and I’m sticking with that. lol!! Grey FTW!! We need more grey. Maybe Cath took him shopping because she was tired of the blue. Finally, she’s useful for something (yeah, go on and hate me if you want. just my opinion. btw, I’m not hating you for yours.) So much Epic in this episode it has become a front runner for my fav this season.

    • Awww, thank you so much!!!! That’s such a nice thing to say! 🙂 🙂

      Glad you noticed his pin. 🙂 That probably explains why Steve doesn’t like him! LOL!

      Okay, I’ll go with the dirt in the eye theory. We could never believe that our SEAL would be nervous about firing his gun!

      I bet she did take him shopping! She would have a good idea of how to fit clothes to him, knowing his size and all. You’re allowed to have your opinions here, so go right ahead and say what you want. 🙂

      This really is one my favs so far, and I didn’t expect it to be. But it is up there!

  3. I absolutely like your recaps, their always fun to read! And you actually captured my fav pic from this ep, the close face at the Airport with the ear clip, isn’t he looking awesome, on the verge of exploding with his eyebrows wrinkled, showing control even though he’s lost! I love every part in that face!
    I love the ep too! Although, it’s kinda sad that I didn’t miss Danno, well I guess I knew it was only for this one ep! So, it was fun to see McG “alpha-male-ing” with Grover!
    I really loved the Miami Vice joke, even as a swiss person i did get it (it actually shows my age, doesn’t it! 😉 )
    While reading your recap, I realized I like Cath’s hair, the cloths still need some improvement! But, way to go wardrobe, you’ll find a way to dress her the way we like it!!! I mean….
    they put Steve in a
    *grey shirt* OMG, thank you thank you 😆 😆
    wardrobe really needs some kind of “Award” this year! See you next week!

    • Thank you! *smooch*

      I came upon that pic by accident as I was browsing through trying to find the one I wanted. I hadn’t noticed it when I watched the episode. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to include it! He’s perfect!

      I caught the Crockett and Tubbs the second time I watched. The music was really loud, and it kind of obscured Ian’s voice on my TV. That was great, though!

      They were great with the alpha male stuff all the way through. Neither one will ever submit, but they’ll find a way to make it work, I think. They’ll just never be together in the same car. 🙂

    • My Not McG actually belly laughed at the Crockett and Tubbs joke. Definitely my favorite episode this season and probably top 2 or 3 all time.

      I liked Cath having on the shoulder holsters. Something different. Wardrobe ALWAYS needs help on this show. For serious, why won’t they hire me?? 😉

      The grey shirt is my all time fave shirt I think. 🙂 Or maybe it was what was underneath… chicken or the egg? who cares! it was a WIN!

      • I liked those shoulder holsters, too. I hope she keeps them.

        Who cares, indeed! It’s what’s underneath that makes the gray shirt look so delicious!

  4. Great recap as always babe! McG and Grover were everything I hoped they’d be together and more. Both actors individually excel at partnerships in other shows they’ve done so I expected this to be great if written well and it was.

    I don’t really understand why we had the Kono scene in the beginning, except just to have some GP face time. Nothing was moved forward and the end result was the same. Not McG asked where she’s getting all this cash to world travel and spy hunt and stuff since she’s off the grid. At any rate, it was probably one of my fave Kono scenes in a while so yay for that.

    I saw a lot of ppl comparing Grover to Danno, to me he’s more like McG. It’s like McG coming face to face with himself and having to deal with it. Got a taste of his own medicine. 😉

    PS I liked the photo of Ian Wright’s house. What a gorgeous, full bodies, well rounded house.

    During the shootout in the house, I thought Grover was going to use Ian as a shield. LOL!! Nah, he’s not big enough. HA!

    I rolled my eyes thinking of NJ as being another lame guest star but he was surprisingly good. I’m looking forward to his return!

    • Thanks!! It’s a talented actor who can pull off both individual and team/ensemble acting so well. We really have major talent on this show!

      The only thing that the Kono scene gave us was that Adam is alive but he faked his own death. That isn’t much, because it still means Kono is staying in Japan. I guess you could say it gave us a chance to see that the team is still behind her? And that they must all be wealthy because they keep chartering planes to Japan. (I figure they must fly private since they bring so much firepower.)

      I didn’t see comparing Grover and Danno. I agree, he’s McG. The Danny/Steve dynamic is different. Danny is an alpha male, too, but he’s more flexible about it. He challenges McG, but he doesn’t challenge the authority. And, he’s so used to McG by now.

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