Thursday Thrills: Number 5 #H50

Last week, we celebrated fashion in Hawaii Five-0. This week, our number 5 reason that we love H50 is fashion accessories!

I think they’re favorite accessories are Kevlar vests and thigh holsters. I’m still waiting for the bling versions, or at least color-coordinated accessories. Maybe some patent leather? Or jingle bells for Christmas!


No bling yet, but the Navy version is nice.

In case you were wondering what thigh holsters and Kevlar vests look like from behind. We offer complete details here!


Danny Danny Danny…..

The knife thigh holster


Chin got to wear sunglasses!

Steve only got to wear sunglasses twice, that I can remember.


The other guys wear ties sometimes, too.

I know you can’t see the tie that well, but I just love his face so much in this pic!! I thought it was nice way to end this (hopefully) happy post. 🙂


17 thoughts on “Thursday Thrills: Number 5 #H50

  1. I’m so glad Steve doesn’t have to wear sunglasses very much. It’s a crime to cover up those pretty peepers!

    Love the in-depth look into Steve and Danny’s thighs………..holsters! I meant holsters! (Yeah, sure I did).

  2. Hmmm….thighs…….with holsters!!!! What’s better than that?!?! I certainly love me a good thigh……holster, heehee!

    Thanks for the yumminess!!

  3. Sunglasses….what about 1st episode of Season 2 – after escaping prison, Steve goes to airport to try his Father’s key in locker. He is wearing sunglasses and a ball cap – nice look for him.

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