#H50 Recap/Picspam: 4×09 Hau’oli La Ho’omaika’i (Happy Thanksgiving)

Geck-O-Meter: 9 Geckos

I laughed. I cried. I don’t think I can do justice to this terrific episode in my little recap.

The Thanksgiving Day football game was great! You could see how much fun everyone  was having. And everyone was there, including a few people I didn’t recognize. (However, it was hard to get good screencaps with the constant movement. Please forgive some of the blurriness.)

But first, is Danny wearing the same t-shirt he wore when he and Steve went camping with the Aloha Girls? With a bullet hole in the sleeve?

I thought maybe they were playing this game at 6 AM, given how much they did between the game and their dinner.

How cute is Grace!

How cute is Danny!

I’m pretty sure this is against the rules. And he put his hand on her butt!

“Hey!” “Hey!” Boys having fun

Grover: “I just want to thank my hands for being so awesome.”

Chin Ho and Steve are both wearing their Kukui Kings shirts!

I think Danny was a little jealous that Grover was invited to a “family” football game. 🙂

Danny: “The only way you’re getting the ball is if you get a jet pack up your culi, okay?”

Danny scores, and the game is tied! Look at that jump!

Just a little sweaty Steve, for those of you who like that. (Me! Me!)

Steve has a cute little app to remind him to put the turkey in the oven.

Too bad, but he has to leave, with the scored tied.
Danny: “Mary can put the thing in the thing.” Danny talks like I do!

Steve: “The prep cook doesn’t get to stuff the turkey. This is my operation.” Everything is a mission to this man!!

Mary is fixing the turkey’s hair with a blow dryer. That’s so nice! I wonder if she’ll give it a manicure next?

Oops, she was trying to thaw it out. Oh, dear, you can’t cook a frozen turkey. Maybe if Steve gets out his flame thrower, that will work. It’s probably in the cupboard, next to the spare stun grenades.

The doorbell rings, and it’s Aunt Deb! She likes the gray in Steve’s hair because it makes him look distinguished. I agree! I like how Steve looks boyishly pleased that she comments about his hair. She’s not a fan of the tattoos, though. It’s so clear in this short exchange how much they mean to each other! Only talented actors can convey that much love in a few words and gestures.

Mary: “We screwed up the turkey.”
Did you catch Steve’s mumbled comment? “We.” [insert eye roll here]

Steve gets a call and has to leave to investigate something, but he wants constant updates on the Turkey Op.

So Aunt Deb is McDad’s sister! I always thought she was McMom’s! Anyway, Steve fills Danny in about her history. She was professional singer and had just signed a recording contract when McDad sent Mary to live with her. She walked away from her career and became a voice coach so she could raise Mary at home and not be traveling on tour. That is devotion!

Oh, and this is the scene of the crime. Some fishermen found a body.

Deb: “Look, Hairnet, we don’t need sarcasm. All we need is a turkey.”
Are you sure she isn’t Danny’s aunt?

Deb and Mary have a sweet discussion about how difficult it is to be mother, and how Mary feels like she’s in over her head. Deb reassures that she was winging it, too, and she thinks Mary will do fine as long as she loves Joan.

How cute is this?

Chin takes us to visit Kono briefly. She’s headed to Seattle to track down Adam. Five-0 has taken care of the rest of Michael Noshimuri’s cohorts, so it’s safe for them to return to Hawaii!!! Yay! We need Kono back!
Chin: “Table’s going to feel empty without you.”

Meanwhile, we’ve learned that the victim this week was Kyle Russo, member of the Secret Service, so Steve and Catherine pay a visit to a Secret-Agent-Service-Guy who is busy getting ready for the President to visit for Thanksgiving. Secret-Agent-Service-Guy received a text from Kyle after the time he died, so someone else has Kyle’s phone! And that means someone else has the President’s itinerary!

Kyle was investigating Keith Nolan, so Steve and Danny head to Nolan’s rental house in Kailua, which sounds like “Kahlua” and thus makes me thirsty.

Steve has a very large bullet.

Danny: “Boiling water on the stove. The guy took off in a hurry. That is a big bullet.”
I missed my Danny!!!!!

Steve, possessor of the large bullet, talks to some people who seem to be smaller than said bullet. These are the neighbors, Sheila and Andrea Hicks. Keith Nolan was renting the house, and the neighbors saw him talking to Kyle Russo yesterday.

As the guys discuss the case on the way back to HQ, Steve gets a call that someone’s been arrested. Danny assumes it’s Mary, but no, it’s Aunt Deb!

Deb: “I needed some grass, and how was I supposed to know the guy was a narc? Those fascists at the dispensary–They wouldn’t take my card.”

She tries to claim that she has cataracts, and that’s why she has a medical marijuana card, but Steve can tell she’s lying. This was such a heart-breaking scene, and the acting was so incredibly beautiful. Aunt Deb came to visit because she has an inoperable brain tumor, and she wants to see Steve and Mary one last time. She doesn’t want to go through radiation or chemotherapy because there’s little chance that it will work. I cried during these scene.

Steve: “I’ll send someone to pick you up when you’re through.”
Deb: “Make sure he’s good looking.” I like Aunt Deb!

Chin finds out that Keith Nolan is really Dante Barkov, a hired assassin! Back to talk to Secret-Agent-Service-Guy. He insists that the President won’t cancel the trip, because it isn’t really a Thanksgiving visit, it’s a secret meeting with people from one of Steve’s favorite vacation spots, North Korea.

Catherine picks up Aunt Deb at the police station. Steve, when Aunt Deb said someone good-looking should pick her up, this is not exactly what she meant. Just sayin’. (No hate!)

Steve: “You got a second for me?”
Danny: “For you, I got a whole minute.”

Another lovely scene. I adore seeing the closeness between Steve and Danny, and I hope that continues for the entire run of the show. You can see and hear how much they really care. Steve tells Danny about Deb and how he wants to convince her to go through medical treatment. He talks about how devastating it will be to Mary if Deb dies, but we and Danny all know he’s talking about himself, too. He just can’t say out loud how difficult it will be for him, too. I love how Danny suggested they make good memories during this visit, instead of arguing about her decision.

They’ve discovered an associate of Barkov’s, so they head to his house. Grover ends up shooting the guy in the shoulder.
Grover: “Did somebody shoot you? ‘Cause you got a nasty boo-boo.”
They quickly discover that the President isn’t Barkov the assassin’s target! It’s Andrea Hicks, the next-door neighbor!

Meanwhile, Cath takes Deb to visit the most beautiful spot on the island. They have a heartfelt talk about how Deb wants to make sure Steve and Mary stay close, because they need each other. Yet another touching scene!

Steve got to say “Secure the perimeter!” when they get to Andrea’s house. Yay! I’m sure that made him happy.

Andrea and her mother narrowly escape the assassin, thank to Chin. His awesome shooting from the balcony takes down Barkov.

Our next stop is Hickam Field, where Steve, Danny, Chin, and Grover are going to meet the President. Danny is the only one who is nervous.

Steve: “I was nervous, too, the first time.”
Danny: “The first time? When did you meet the President?”
Steve: “I can’t tell you that. It’s classified.”

When they return to Steve’s home for Thanksgiving dinner, they find out that there’s no turkey. Instead, Kamekona is going to make shrimp casserole. Hmmm….that’s okay, because Steve has a contingency plan. You might even call it a back-up plan. (<– See what I did there?) But he can’t tell us what the plan is, because “it’s classified.”

But first, Aunt Deb has told Mary about her illness.
Deb: “She’s a strong girl, but I think right now, she needs her brother.” This is where I started crying again. I think I might while I’m writing this, too.

They’ll take care of each other.

The plan is to go to La Mariana Tiki Bar, AKA Nicky’s place! Where the piano player is so smart, he doesn’t need to be told what key to play in or even what song to play! He just knows!

Nicky tells the story about how his old friend, John McGarrett, used to brag about his sister Deb who sang in all the legendary night clubs in LA. Then Nicky brings her up on stage to sing for everyone. Deb, who gave up her career out of love for Mary, gets to shine in the spotlight one more time. And we get to enjoy some wonderful Ohana moments. Aloha Au Ia ‘Oe, everyone!


9 thoughts on “#H50 Recap/Picspam: 4×09 Hau’oli La Ho’omaika’i (Happy Thanksgiving)

  1. Does anyone else ever notice how tight Danny’s shirt always is? Oh, sorry. To get back on track, I love your recap and all the photos. Maybe the best so far this season. It was great seeing all the recurring cast members together. Loved Danny’s football catch. And always love to see Grace. Aunt Deb was wonderful and it’s too bad we probably won’t see her again, but I loved the way she brought Steve and Mary closer. Baby Joan is adorable. They needed to give us an awesome show since apparently the next one isn’t on for 3 long weeks.

    • Oh, yes, yes YES I notice! And I’m so thankful! 😉

      Thank you so much!

      It was great how they included so many people for the football game. Gave it such a nice Ohana feeling.

  2. “I laughed. I cried. I don’t think I can do justice to this terrific episode in my little recap.” – First of all, you did a fabulous job of recaping the episode, brava! 🙂
    Secondly, I laughed and I cried too!!! It was a beautiful episode and a beautiful recap, thank you so much!! 🙂
    Oh and I missed OUR Danny too!!! –Remember we agreed to share him?!? It was lovely to see him and YES, he was in the same shirt, lol!! 🙂 Noticed he had great hands on the football field too….hmmmhmmhmm……what were we talking about? – Oh the recap, *cough*.
    Okay back to it, is the next episode really three weeks away? 😦 Ah well, guess I can actually concentrate on great hands…WAIT, I mean school work, school work! *sigh*

    • Yes, those great hands…..MMmmmmmm 🙂

      3 weeks before another new episode. I hear it will be worth the wait, but still….wahhhh! We’ll have to come up with something to keep us happy.

  3. Your pic spam is excellent! Great recap!! You’re not alone – I laughed and cried too! This was a great epi – the procedural was so-so but I didn’t care since it took a back seat to the main story, Thanksgiving and Aunt Deb!! I loved the little tinge of jealousy on Danny’s part when he found out Grover was invited to be with the family – my my how things have changed since s1!! Carol Burnett was the perfect choice as Aunt Deb – we now know why she is a legend!! And no one does emo like Alex. We got Danny back andI can’t wait till Grace returns!!
    I have to say that the first few episodes were rocky, IMHO, but these last 3 episodes have reeled me back in and I’m looking forward to Friday nights again! I can feel the withdrawal already beginning – no new episodes for 3 weeks! OH NO!

    • Thank you! I agree about the procedural. Blah blah blah. I was more interested in everything else, so it was fine. Wasn’t the emotional incredible with Alex and Carol? What a great combination. Just the best! I hope they get an award for this.

      I’ve been consistently happy with the recent episodes. They’ve hit their stride now, as far as I’m concerned. I hope they keep it up!

  4. You did a great job!!! It’s hard to try to write something when it is so great. I totally get wanting to do it justice.

    I too enjoyed the scene with Steve/Danny in the office. I think this is where they should be after being bff’s for 4 yrs, not doing the angry blaming thing, so when I get scenes like this, it makes me a fan of the bromance again. they don’t have to always agree, where would the fun be in that, but they should be having more of these adult type convos.

    Like the convos between Steve and Cath are very adult, mature convos. All these relationships in s4 should have advanced, now we have Grover as the newbie to come in and be the sh/t stirrer. 🙂 He’s a great sh/t stirrer!!

    Think Steve poops his pants a little bit every time someone says NK?

    I think everyone was excellent this episode. Taryn usually doesn’t do much for me but I think she was perfection in this episode. Carol proved why she’s a living legend and Alex more than held his own with her in her scenes. I love this episode so much. ❤

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