Thursday Thrills: Number 2 #H50

My number 2 reason for loving H50 is the Bromance! Steve and Danny are so good together. I just love them and their unique relationship.

They hit if off right from the beginning. Literally.

But they were also comfortable together right away.

Their bickering is legendary!

D: I know what its like to have someone you love walk away from you.
S: What are you doing? The guy’s clearly a psychopath. You trying to make friends with him? You trying to connect?
D: He’s standing right in front of us.
S: I can see he’s standing right here, Danny, but you’re a copy, not a therapist.
D: Hey, hey, hey, I have been trained for this kind of thing.
S: Trained for what? To bore people into submission?
D: Don’t listen to him. His idea of communication is he drops a witty one-liner and then shoots you in the face.

D: That’s really good. That’s impressive. Did you learn that in SEAL school?
S: Yeah, it’s called “using the internet.” People have been doing it since the early 90s. You might have heard of it.
D: I wouldn’t know. I was still playing Ms. PacMan.
S: Yeah? Ever make it to Double Pretzel level?
D: Triple Banana, Bitch.
S: You’re a liar.

S: Did you stop for malasadas this morning?
D: No.
S: Is that evidence from a case?
D: No.
S: Stop. Just stop. What’s in the bag? What’s in the bag?
D: It’s my lunch, Genius.
S: Your lunch? Okay, what’d you bring?
D: You gotta know every last minute detail of my life? What’s it to you what my lunch is?

They’ve become so close that he’s now “Uncle Steve” to Grace. 🙂  This always makes me happy.

They support each other in times of need.

D: You look nice. Suit and tie, that’s good.
S: It’s for you. I wore it for you.

They take care of each other. Especially where fashion is involved.

They celebrate each other’s victories.

Actually, they have many reasons for hugs.

They hang out together, sometimes with each other’s families.

They’re even little surf buddies!

They really know each other.

S: I’ve known you long enough to know that the only way to get you to shut-up is to let you speak. So, you know what? Go ahead, enlighten me, Dr. Phil.

But there might be a few things that irritate them about each other.

D: Once upon a time there was a very handsome prince, and this handsome prince had a very beautiful black stallion. He was the fastest and fairest stallion the land. About 528 horsepower, nice stallion…

They even talk about their feelings. It’s while they’re trying to revive a gunshot victim, but still, they’re discussing feelings!

D: I thought I was actually happy, which is a weird thing for me.
Steve reminds him that you’d better be sure before you use the word “love.”
D: I personally don’t think it counts if you say it to a pistol.

I love these guys!


8 thoughts on “Thursday Thrills: Number 2 #H50

  1. I LOVE them too!!! So happy you made me an H50 convert, woot! Without you I would be missing all the bromanction. 😀
    I’m very curious what the number one reason will be, because they’ve all been great so far. Really not sure how you’re going to top it! :):):):)

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