#H50 Recap/Picspam: 4×11 Pukana (Keepsake)

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Not much Christmas, but lots of creepy. I had the idea that they were going to do a holiday episode, but I must have misunderstood. Lots of Steve and Danny together, but another traumatic Christmas for Chin Ho. This guy needs to leave town this time of year, or something!

I enjoyed the scenes of Hawaii at Christmastime. It always looks so fun and different from what I’m used to.

A robber is breaking into a house with a security system! We know it isn’t Steve’s house, because it’s super-simple to break into Steve’s house. Everyone does it. You could break into Steve’s house using a bar of soap and a cinnamon roll. This guy is doing something complicated. Oops, someone shoots him after he breaks into the wall safe.

Next stop, Danny and Grace participating in a school-sponsored beach clean-up project. Danny is all legs and arms and knees and hair, and I’m loving every minute of that. I agree with the thrice-divorced woman that he is a good dad (both the literal and code meanings).

Grace finds a puzzle box, but she is NOT wearing her gloves! Danny has a small fit over this. Not that he’s overprotective or anything. I like how he’s wearing “cop gloves.”

He gets the traditional “phone call to start the case” and has to go pick up Steve. At the scene of the crime, the three guys are talking about something, while I admire the view. (Yes, I am predictable.)

A body was found in the trunk of a car that was going to be crushed. It was found by Fritz the Dog. Danny thinks Steve should interrogate the dog, probably because he is Smoothdog. 🙂
Steve: You’re actually a lot funnier in short pants.

The body was disposed of carefully, leaving minimal evidence, meaning this killer knew what he or she was doing.
Cute doggie!

Quick peek in at HQ, where Catherine and Chin Ho are talking with Kono. She’s in Seattle and headed to Canada, still looking for Adam.

Max! I love you! Only you would have this decoration.

Danny: A game of Operation?
Max: I would prefer if you would refrain from making your mildly entertaining witticisms as this takes complete concentration.
Danny: I know, you don’t want to make the buzzer go off, right?
Max: I don’t envy you, Commander.

Max finds that the bullet is [insert something technical here that I don’t understand], which means they probably can’t do a ballistics match and it probably means we’re dealing with an experienced killer.

They find that the victim was linked to several home break-ins, all expertly done. Let’s go ask Kamekona if he knows anything, since he knows a lot of shady people.

Meanwhile, Danny is still trying to open the puzzle box. Nice close-up of his hand tats.

Steve: You know, you’ve been playing with it since you got in the car.
Yeah, not going there.

And THEN, Steve pulls the car over and says, “Give it to me.” This is one of my fantasies. TMI?

Steve gets the box open right away! He’s a topper, you know.

Back to seriousness, now. All this frivolity and innuendo. What was I thinking?

Inside the box is a locket that contains the picture of a little girl. Steve comments that debris from the Japanese tsunami 3 years ago has been washing up in Hawaii lately. Could this be from Japan?

When the guys arrive back at HQ, they find Kamekona sitting in Steve’s office singing Tiny Bubbles in a very off-key voice and playing a ukulele. This sounds like something silly that I would make up, but no, it’s real. He paid $300 for the ukulele and the information on the robber, and he expects to be paid back. Steve has only $80, and Danny is amazed that Steve has a wallet.
Steve also has a very clean desk. Almost as clean as my friend Amber’s, but not quite.

Some of the faces this episode!

Steve and Danny go to the home of the robber, Victor Dobbs. While they are there, Victor’s accomplice conveniently breaks in so the boys can arrest him. Not this guy’s lucky day. I’m not sure, but I think Danny is going to celebrate by dancing a hula.

Catherine and Steve interrogate Mr. Accomplice, who they assume killed Victor. Nope, he was surprised that the guy is dead. Of course, he could be a lying liar who lies.

Charlie calls with important information, and the boys have to go see him so he can tell them stuff that he could have just said over the phone. But, it gives us a chance to see Charlie, and that’s always good! Plus, it gives Danny a chance to ask him to try to track down some information about the puzzle box and locket.

They found a “wish list” of homes the robbers had cased but not yet robbed, so Chin and Catherine go to visit each home. Chin looks amazing on his bike.

Oh, no! Chin! Stop! That’s the house we saw at the beginning of this episode! Be careful!

This is Gary, one creepy homeowner. However, he is from Denver! I am going to believe that this is @plenkov’s way of acknowledge me and Amber. I live in a fantasy world like that.

Chin! You poor guy! December 24th is just not your day. Next year, just lock yourself up in your house and wrap yourself in bubble wrap. No bombs, no serial killers, nothing. Eat malasadas and wait for Santa. Okay, you did get married that one year at Christmas, but that eventually didn’t end well.

An FBI agent shows up, because Charlie’s database searches match up with a serial killer case she’s working on. The only problem is, her killer always chooses young women and cuts off one of their fingers. He probably saves them as a trophy. Ewww. Victor Dobbs doesn’t fit this part of the profile.

Hmmmm…Steve wonders if maybe Dobbs was shot while robbing this killer’s home, and that’s why the details aren’t an exact match? (Why did it take them so long to figure this out? I’ve know it since the beginning of the show. Oh, wait, that’s because they showed us. Never mind.)

The FBI agent tells Steve to call back Chin and Cath, but then Leilani shows up looking for Chin. He didn’t show up to meet her as planned and doesn’t answer his phone. She’s also wearing a dress identical to one of Rachel’s. That salesman probably told her it was a Paris Original, too!

Creepy serial killer Gary is still creepy.

Flashing sirens and lots of cars and people with guns and lots of tactical gear show up a house. How did they decide where to look?

Maybe it went something like this….
Steve: We could do Rock, Paper, Scissors with all the addresses on the list.
Danny: Rock, Paper, Scissors only works when you’re deciding between two things, you dope. Besides, I know you always choose Rock.
Grover: We could just go to the 7th one on Chin’s list, since Catherine said he’d been to 6 of them.
FBI agent: No, that’s too logical. I work for the US government. We don’t do logical.
Steve: How about if we go to the one with the pretty red door?
Leilani: And I thought Chin was joking when he told me he’s the brains of the operation.

Suddenly, they stop. Wrong house!

Meanwhile, Gary’s girlfriend has stopped by and been taken hostage, too. She keeps him busy long enough for Chin to scootch across the floor and get the pruning shears by knocking them off the table and into his face! Ouch!

He deftly cuts the ropes holding his feet. This is harder than it looks! I tried. I could not bend backwards and do this.

Chin has a vicious fight with Gary and gets stabbed in the shoulder. The girlfriend shoves a gun across the floor, and Chin shoots the guy dead. Steve and the gang have just arrived upstairs, so they hurry down to the basement. The FBI agent is sorry she didn’t get to shoot Gary.

Time to look in the safe. Ewwww. I’m glad they didn’t show the fingers.

I love when they show close-ups of Steve’s emotional faces.

Outside, Chin is shirtless.

He and Catherine discuss their bet about who would finish their list of addresses first. Chin thinks he should win since he’s one who got stabbed. Cath agrees that she’ll pay for the next dinner.

Grover overhears.
Steve: Who invited you?
Grover: This Grinch act of yours, just stop it. You know you like me. You just have difficulty expressing your feelings.

Danny: I don’t know how he feels about you, but he definitely likes a free meal. That I know.
Steve: What’s that supposed to mean?
Danny: Well, I don’t want to put a fine point on it, but you are cheap.

Everyone slinks off quickly and quietly. This could get ugly.

Steve: Catherine just clearly said she’s paying for this meal. Right, Catherine? Catherine? Catherine!

We end with a some nice Christmas-type images.

Winter in Hawaii.

Adorable elves

Santa Grover

Remembering those who cannot be with us

Family time (although I am a little too focused on rumpled Danny)

While Danny and Grace are trying out Grace’s new rollerblades, Charlie drops by in his terrific Christmas aloha shirt.

He found out the identity of the little girl whose picture was in the locket. She died in the tsunami, but he father is still alive. He lost everything, though.

So, Danny and Grace hop on the magic Five-0 jet and go to Japan. I laugh, but this really was a sweet ending as they returned the box, locket, and picture to the man. His “Merry Christmas” was perfect.

Mele Kalikimaka, Everyone!


17 thoughts on “#H50 Recap/Picspam: 4×11 Pukana (Keepsake)

  1. Great review! This was not my favorite episode of this season. Partly because last week’s episode was epic, and the ohana was so disconnected. I guess after thanksgiving they needed a break from each other. LOL

  2. Oh you make me laugh!! I don’t know what Steve’s excuse is, but I haven’t had time to amass much clutter.

    Fantasticly awesome recap and great pictures! How did you ever make the connection with the dresses? That’s scary genius!

  3. “Give it to me”, he he, with this sentences I was hooked on your recap!
    This is a great recap, seriously great, you made me laugh at so many things! The dresses are scary, you’re a great detective 😉 !!
    Loved Steve shouting Catherine in the end, it’s like Christmas, the Catherine-shouting and the “give it to me”, huh, what a great match! I love it when he shouts her name, makes him dominant and in-Charge, who wouldn’t want that (sorry – my fantasies are going wild, well you started it anyway 😉 !!)
    Lots of love from my rainy Switzerland! I guess you don’t have the bikini weather neither in Denver! Let’s hope for a early summer!

    • Ah, Fantasies! How very very nice they are! 😉

      We had some snow this morning and cold temperatures. Nope, not bikini weather! And it won’t be for several months–probably May.

  4. BTW, you answered my question, because I wasn’t sure, if I got the conversation correctly with Max/Danny in the beginning “I don’t envy you, Commander!”

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