Thursday Thrills: Number 1 #Ohana #H50

The number 1 reason I love this show is the sense of Ohana! They care. They’re available for each other. They support each other. They’re together through the good times and the tough times. It’s wonderful!

When you lose someone they haven’t even met

On the happiest days

Casual and comfortable

It hurts to lose someone you care about, even temporarily

They’ll fight for each other when wrongly accused

You know you can turn to your Ohana, even if your shirt is missing.

And they’ll make sure you’re well-fed

Literally carrying each other’s burdens

And they don’t give up even if you act flaky, although they might be frustrated



Through the biggest losses

And just sharing some time together

They know your favorite balloons

Sharing relief and happiness

Good times!

Come to your aid whenever and wherever it’s needed

Cheers to my Ohana!!


21 thoughts on “Thursday Thrills: Number 1 #Ohana #H50

  1. Excellent choice for the No. 1 – Definitely my number 1, too. I absolutely love this post and all those wonderful `ohana moments in it!

  2. I adore the photo of Steve and Danny at the helicopter after Steve got back. Actually I love all the photos. You sure can pick some great ones that take me back to each show.

  3. Absolutely perfect choice! We get great villains and super hot guys, but the best thing about all of it is their emotional connection. It makes the funny funnier, sweet sweeter, and hot even hotter.


  4. ok I give up. I know I’ve seen every episode of this show, but am drawing a complete blank on the pictures at the shrimp truck with Kamekona in the santa suit. It looks like they are opening cards around the picnic table. Please tell me which epi this is. I have all the dvds so will be able to find it. Thanks. BTW loved this post. So many great moments of Ohana. Great job.

    • It’s somewhere in the middle of s3, when shortly after steve comes in a tux and carries cath away!
      The ep with the smartass kid, i can’t look up the nr, but you’ll find it 😉

    • I’m so sorry to just now be getting back to the blog! It’s from 3×11 Kahu (Guardian). This is the final scene. Kamekona is giving everyone a coupon for a ride on his new helicopter tour.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

  5. Love this, very much!
    I’m so in love again with s1 !! I can’t help, it gets me everytime and i hate it, because it makes me rewatch and i’d better get some sleep 😉 !!!
    Love the ohana, it’s the juice!

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