Vacation time

Hello, all of you wonderful readers! I am going to take a little break from this blog, just for a week or two. I have a full-time (plus) job and I’m in grad school, and being so busy gets a little overwhelming at times. (I’m trying to finish school quickly, so I’m taking an online class right now that doesn’t have a winter break!) I will be back with a recap of the next new episode of H50, which I think airs on January 10th.


14 thoughts on “Vacation time

  1. Take your time off and do your RL stuff 🙂 and then come back soon and make us laugh with your great posts!
    Happy new year from switzerland to denver (colorado)!
    Btw do you ski? I should visit you instead of my mom 😉 !!

    • Thanks! Sorry, I do not ski. ;( I have a slight vision problem, so the idea has never appealed to me. Besides, our skiing probably doesn’t compare to Switzerland! Talk about mountains!

  2. Sounds more like a lot of work than a “vacation” – but have a good break, anyway and don’t forget to RELAX a bit, too Happy New Year and good luck & success with your class!

  3. I’ll miss the daily treats but hope you’ll try to take some time for just yourself away from the daily work and school routine. Happy New Year!

  4. Doesn’t sound like much of a break to me, what with school/work intruding. However, I completely understand. My classes start again on the 6th, ick. 🙂

    I’ll be patiently waiting (<–okay, I couldn't write that with a straight face!)…let's try again. I will TRY to wait patiently for the recap of the next episode.

    Love ya!

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