Recap/Picspam: 4×15 Pale ‘la (Buried Secrets) #H50

Aloha! I am very sorry that the blog has been inactive for 2 months. RL has been especially difficult lately, and I’ve been working huge amounts of overtime. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m also in grad school. My posts will be shorter for a while, but I hope to keep going with them. I love writing for the blog and sharing with all my readers, though, and it’s a creative outlet for me!

Now, on to the show!

Geck-0-Meter: 6 geckos

Honestly, it’s an average of 4 for the case and 8 for the other stuff going on.

We start with Steve and Danny at the airport, waiting for Danny’s parents. This is so cute! I had to include this picture for…reasons.

Danny’s a little nervous about staying in the same house with his parents, because they are “impulsive, excitable, big personalities. They can lose their temper at the drop of a hat.” Sound familiar?

Williams family hugs! Yay! And BTW, I am already a fan of Mom Williams, just based on the way she packs. Finally, someone who brings a reasonable amount of luggage on vacation.

Oh, dear, Pop Williams didn’t come along on this trip. Why? Because Mom Williams (Clara) wants a divorce, after 38 years of marriage! This is not going to be good.
Steve: Okay, I’m gonna….gonna go somewhere else. Hey, need some help with that? (I’m not sure, but he may be considering running off to North Korea.)

Question of the day: What is with the old-fashioned names  for mothers on this show? First Doris, now Clara. If we find out Catherine’s mother’s name is Ermingard, I’m going to give up.

Meanwhile, somewhere else on the island, we are setting up the case as a woman hangs (well, makes her husband hang) a very large picture of herself. I think that might be a life-sized picture. They discover a dead body inside the wall! I wonder if they had to pay extra to get that with their new house? Upgraded kitchen: +$10,000, Drywall to cover Dead body: +$500, New tile in entryway, +$3,000.

Next, a deluxe cargument!
Clara: If this is your car, then why is he driving it?
Steve: We have an arrangement, you see.

I do love the way Danny says they are all “family,” so they can discuss the divorce now. Ohana all the way! I live vicariously through my H50 family. 🙂 Unfortunately, this makes Steve a little uncomfortable. Here is my Montage of Steve’s Awkward Faces.

Steve is very, very, very, very happy that Chin calls just as they arrive at Danny’s house (I am sure that Danny did not pay extra for a dead body in his house. He’s frugal that way.)

Steve pauses long enough to give Clara a slightly panicked but dashing smile.

At the scene of the crime, Sean the reporter is waiting to ask Steve about Lou Grover. He wants some dirt about Lou and why he left Chicago “under a cloud.” Oh dear! Inside the house, Max is channeling Doris and acting like a lunatic. MAX! I love you!

Macaroni and ketchup sauce? Ewwww. I’m so glad that Danny has learned how to cook so they don’t have to eat that. However, Danny, I can make a great sauce in about 30 seconds by opening a jar of Ragu. While they cook, we learn that Clara is tired of being ignored by her husband. She wants “our time,” but she’ll settle for “me time.”

We have learned that the dead body was Guy Ingram, a local real estate dude, and that he had purchased a one-way ticket to LA 6 months ago. It was never used, possibly because he was dead. He also bought a ticket for Sally Ann, and that ticket was also not used. Hmmm, I’m not a detective, but at this point I kind of thought maybe they should go look inside that wall again.

The discussion of the case is interrupted when Danny calls to ask Steve to call him into the office, pretty please? He wants a little time away from his mom to think about this divorce.

Here is Steve listening to Danny’s rant.

Here is Steve agreeing to lie so Danny can ditch his mom. That smile!!!!!

Chin Ho and Kono go to investigate their first suspect, Cherie Trenton. Loved the little touch of bringing her back! Remember how she flirted with Danny in 4×07 Ua Nalohia (In Deep)? Meanwhile, Steve and Danny have a heart-to-heart conversation about mothers. I adore their relationship! Regardless of who ships who, can we all agree that they are close and wonderful together? Steve’s advice was perfect. “Just be there for her.”

Steve, who is apparently Super Psychologist this episode, has a lovely conversation with Lou next. Seriously, it is lovely that these guys can turn to each other when needed.

Sean the Reporter who is digging into his background is bringing up unpleasant memories for Lou. And the acting in the scene was superb, from both Alex and Chi. Such a sad story, how Lou tried to handle a hostage situation but it went bad.

Interesting how Lou advised Steve to stop holding things in. We all know how much Steve does that. Is his demeanor going to crack? Yes, he’s a SEAL, but he’s still human, and he’s been through so many traumas! I thought the way Lou phrased it was perfect, about how Steve needs to get things off his chest or “They’re going to press the air right out of you.”

Meanwhile, Danny is having a breakdown because he discovered that Clara took Grace out of school and they got makeovers. She looks so grown up! I have no idea why she says “Yolo” for the picture, though. Is that a Jersey thing? At first I thought they said BOLO. Which still doesn’t make sense.

Danny: Operation: Corrupt my Daughter is now officially over.

Steve confronts Sean the Reporter about letting go of the story about Lou. We get another tidbit about the feelings Steve is holding in, I think.
Steve: You have no idea what it’s like. The hard decisions we have to make every day, going downrange, and the consequences that we have to live with forever.

Danny and his mom have a heart-to-heart talk about the divorce. (This is the “drama” part of the crime-drama genre.) She explains how she feels ignored. Her whole life has revolved around her family, and now she wants a life. Danny is starting to understand. He’s seeing divorce from both perspectives, now.

While Steve and Danny and Lou are exploring their feelings, as they are wont to do, Chin and Kono are being BAMF and tracking down the murderer. They’ve discovered who sold the gun to the murderer, so they go to visit him. Do you like the way Chin knocks politely for entrance to the guy’s home?

Kono threatens the gun dealer, ala McGarrett, to get him to give up the name. I agree with Chin. I’m so glad she’s back!!!!!!

And now for a quick summary of the story: Attorney Burns did it. (And, in another nod to a previous episode, this is the defense attorney from 1×16 E Malama (To Protect)). His wife, Sally Ann, was having an affair with Guy the Real Estate agent and was going to run off with him. Burns shot them both and put them in that wall. What? There’s another body in the wall? Why didn’t someone think of that?? Quick, everyone go look!

Lou comes to tell Steve that Sean the Reporter is not going to write the story. Steve promised Sean that he would “owe him one.” Lou comments that this is going to bite Steve in the ass, and half the audience raises their hands and volunteers. Stop that! This is a serious show!

We end with some wonderful Williams family time. *happy sigh*


13 thoughts on “Recap/Picspam: 4×15 Pale ‘la (Buried Secrets) #H50

      • I was bored with the D and mom time more than anything, particularly when they were just talking at his house. I didn´t find anything there interesting. I do like Melanie and think we will get more fun with her around still 🙂

  1. Hey girl! Welcome back! Unfortunately, RL always takes front seat.

    Great, fun recap and great pic spam. What’s not to love about any Grace/Danny time! Had some misgivings about Melanie, but she was excellent, can’t wait to have her back!

    Love the growing relationship between Steve and Lou. Chi is the best thing H50 did – hope he’s around for a long, long time. No one rocks emo like Alex and he didn’t disappoint. I’m sure his demons will surface and his acting will be epic.

    I loved our McDanno comparing moms. Mommie Dearest vs. Mrs.Cleaver. It was priceless!

    So the crime was lame and silly but we got Chin and Kono. And, like Chin, I’m so glad she’s back!!

    BTW, I volunteer my services to help bite Steve in the ass when the time is right. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it!!

    • You are so good to volunteer like that! Big round of applause for you! 🙂

      I really like Steve and Lou together. It’s a nice addition to the show and gives more depth to the characters. I’m glad they didn’t put Lou on the team. Having him as head of SWAT gives him a different dimension that’s great. Chi is quite a good actor, too.

      I had seen Melanie as Scott’s mom in his play a couple of years ago, so the idea of having her as Danny’s mom seemed fine. Otherwise, I would have been questioning it, too.

      Thanks so much! I was soooooo happy to get this posted!

  2. Great to have you back!

    When I saw Danny’s mom with all that luggage, it reminded me a lot of my summer vacation. I met my friend at Honolulu Airport (she came all the way from Germany, I came from Maui) and that scene looked pretty much alike. Unfortunately, Steve wasn’t with me to help.

    On our way back, with some additional souveniers packed, United wanted to charge 138 bucks for excess baggage. Next to a nervous breakdown, she managed to repack and to wear four layers of clothes on the flight. 😉

  3. Happy to see to update to the blog. RL has been crazy for many of us lately.

    The name Clara is a nod to the original show. Danno had an Aunt Clara.

    YOLO is an acronym for you only live once. I only know this because I have a teenager.

    Thank you for the update!

  4. It was fun reading this, and I’m late too because RL has been fairly busy!
    But I love to catch up and read what all you ladies have in mind!
    I have to admit, I’m not hard to please when it comes to H5O and it’s sidestories or COTW. I can “live” with everything as long as Steve runs business 😆
    I was prejudiced about Clara because of her voice and her funny behaviour but I have to admit, I like her in small doses. She still looks strange to me and acts like she’s from out of space but she gives a lot to the Danny character. It shows how utterly different his upbringing was to the one from Steve. She was there for her kids (sometimes to much) and tried to do everything right but sometimes not everything turns out like you wished or even though you do everything right, there’s still the unknown factor! I get the point the writers are trying to spread 😉 but I’m also glad she gets together with her husband again and there off to NewJersey again!
    I love the light bromance discussion in the office and I like McGrover!
    I’m looking forward to the next few eps – oh, yes and I miss the butterflies btw Steve/Cath, I wonder if this is on purpose or just bad writing!
    See you soon!

  5. Happy to see you back, I’m not used to write here but I have a look pretty often and enjoy it a lot.
    Good luck in your studies and thanks so much for your work here, but with Steve it’s not a “real work” just a pleasure isn’t it?

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