Recap/Picspam: 4×17 Ma lalo o ka ‘ili (Beneath the Surface) #H50

Geck-O-Meter: 6 Geckos

We started off this episode with a damsel in distress who is trying to hide from a wicked and noisy fight. Nothing much more here.

So let’s proceed to Danny’s house, where his Ma is sneaking around. I honestly thought she was trying to sneak IN without Danny knowing about it, because she’s been out all night doing who-knows-what. Except, we do know what, and we fondly call it “making pancakes.” Except, I apparently have a wayward mind because that is not what she was doing. She was sneaking OUT of the house. To an appointment that she refuses to talk about. But that’s okay, because Danny has secrets of his own, such as what is in the boxes that get delivered just as Ma is sneaking out.

Danny is suspicious.

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Shirtless, wet, muscly Steve!!! I decided we needed an homage to those abs and shirtlessness and boardies. I am thoughtful that way. And wayward.

(Click for the larger version of this one)

I am rather fond of the hoodie look, too.

As an aside, when are we going to get some more shirtless Danny? I need him!

Back to the show. I loved the scene with Steve trying to “break up” with Jerry. Did you hear that Jerry is now a regular on the show? *Happy Dancing* He is so fun! Love the big hugs he gives Steve.

He made Steve a good-bye breakfast, complete with French press coffee and a selection of juices. This was a follow-up to the good-bye dinner they had last night. But Steve likes to live alone, so Jerry must go home. 😦 This also clears up my confusion about whether Steve and Catherine live together. They do not. She just comes over for pancakes sometimes.

BTW, thank you Jerry for not making pancakes.

Steve is so proud of Danny, because Danny followed his Ma to find out what her secret appointment was. Sadly, she went to see a divorce attorney.

Scene of the crime. Russell Donovan is dead, apparently killed by a burglar. His daughter Kelly may have been kidnapped.

Steve and Danny go to investigate the car that was seen leaving the scene.

They soon discover that the car was stolen from an auto repair shop, apparently by a mechanic, Tommy. The actor who plays Tommy is named Booboo Stewart! Is that a great name? But sorry, Booboo, bears are out.

Tommy has been in bunches of trouble with the law, but not for murder. He was an abused child whose parents were drug dealers. What a lousy life for a kid. But it sounds like he had been doing better, what with having a steady job and all. So what changed?

Jerry shows up at HQ, carrying the Champ Box!

Steve: Jerry, what are you doing here and why do you have my father’s toolbox?
Jerry: I found it in your garage.
Steve: You found it. Okay, yes, you found it, because it wasn’t lost. That’s where I
keep it—in the garage. What were you doing in my garage?
Jerry: Laundry.

Jerry was curious about the Champ Box because it’s painted American Rose, but this toolbox should be painted Alizarin Crimson! Who would repaint a toolbox? Who memorizes the colors of toolboxes?

Jerry discovered a secret code under the layer of American Rose. And guess who’s name is there? Shelburne, but without the final e. Jerry is shocked to find out that McMom works for The Company.

We find out that Tommy and Kelly were in a relationship! Maybe not a kidnapping after all? Steve and Chin Ho try to tail them, but Tommy uses the same trick Steve used a few episodes ago, speeding up and then slamming on his brakes. Steve falls for it. Apparently there are sparklers stored in the trunk of the stolen car.

Meanwhile, Danny has gone home to get his Ma. He has a spa visit planned for her, complete with massage and mani/pedi by the pool. This is part of his “special op” that is planned to tonight. However, he finds her crying, because she has filed for divorce. It’s sweet how Danny is supportive of her.

Did you realize that she is wearing the exact same shoes that I would wear if I was deeply sad and sulking around the house? Yes, 3-inch heels! Just in case I decide to suddenly start dancing through life.

Kono isn’t sure what to think of Steve and Chin getting in an accident.

Steve returns to his office to find Jerry deciphering the message he found on the bottom of the Champ Box.

This is how Jerry keeps his investigation on the down-lo. He uses brightly colored Post-It notes.

Jerry and Steve figure out that the decoded message is a set of geographic coordinates for a location in Cambodia! He is really a wealth of knowledge and has some fine detective skills, Jerry does!

The team takes a break to surf the web for a few minutes.

Once they get back to the case, they find that Kelly kept records of the abuse she was suffering. Was Tommy trying to rescue her?

They get a report that Tommy and Kelly have been spotted, so Steve and Danny are off to the scene.

Danny: Slow down! This is petrifying!
Steve: Danny, Danny, Danny, Danny! We’ve done this 118 times!
Danny: And I’ve been petrified 118 times. I’m just verbalizing!
Steve: Verbalizing?
Danny: Yes, it means to be verbal.

Their mini-cargument is interrupted by Kono and Catherine calling with some interesting information. The abusive wounds that Kelly had pictures of were self-inflicted! Their theory is that she targeted Tommy because he was alone, had a criminal record, and had been a victim of abuse himself. She got his sympathy by pretending that she had the same problem. Why? To manipulate Tommy into killing her father for her, so she could inherit the life insurance money! This is cold.

Tommy and Kelly are finally cornered by the police. Steve tries to keep them from shooting Tommy now that they know he was conned into this whole escapade, but the cops shoot him anyway. So sad. I really hate to see lives wasted like this.

Kelly is in big trouble, now that they know she was behind the whole scheme. She tries to play innocent, but soon she shows her true nature. Steve and Kono did a remarkable job of showing their disdain for her. And, to top it off, the insurance policy had lapsed! Her father stopped paying on it so he would have money to put into her college fund!

Time to find out what Danny has planned for the evening. What’s this? I hear Billy Joel’s “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant”! (This song has mysteriously disappeared from my iPod! Do you think Danny the Detective could come find it for me?)

He is surprising his mother by setting up a re-enactment of her first date with his father! He and his sisters purchased and shipped the original table and assorted décor from the Italian restaurant at which this memorable event took place! They also shipped Eddie, their father. I hope he didn’t arrive via UPS in a cardboard box, too. Or if he did, I hope they packed snacks for him.

Grace makes an adorable waitress!

These two have prepared pizza for this romantic dinner.

In the final scene, Steve is talking with Joe White’s contact from the CIA. He wants to know about those coordinates he and Jerry discovered. When CIA Guy won’t tell him anything, Steve offers to show him his abs (and a tiny bit of his tattoo!) in exchange for information. When that doesn’t work (raise your hand if this ploy would work on you—one, two, five hundred of you!), he points out that he’s also wearing a wire and will report CIA Guy unless he tells something. So, CIA Guy admits that this is the site of grave, but that’s all he’ll tell. Hmmmm, more Shelburne mystery. Will we find out by the end of the season?

Thank you for reading! Aloha!


9 thoughts on “Recap/Picspam: 4×17 Ma lalo o ka ‘ili (Beneath the Surface) #H50

  1. You made me so happy! I have a recap AND Women’s Day all in one post!! Now I need to break out my 3-inch heels and do my happy dance!!!

  2. I have missed you!!!!! I certainly needed this today. Oh, and apparently we think alike because I thought Ma Danny was sneaking IN the house too!!! :):):) Not sure what that says about me but at least I’m not alone!
    I love that Jerry is a part of the show now. He’s a hoot and I love him! 🙂

    So, who do you think is in the grave in Cambodia? My mom had an interesting theory about it being Steve’s real Mom, but I’m not sure if that works depending on when the grave was built – supposedly before his parents met?? Not sure on that. Should be interesting, whoever it is. This will probably be the cliff hanger of the season and we won’t get any satisfying answers until next season, poo. 😦

    • Ooohhh, that’s an interesting theory! So you don’t think McMom is his real mom! I have no idea who it could be. I hope we find out this season!!! I hope we find out more about the relationship between McMom and Wo Fat, too. No one’s mentioned it in awhile.
      Glad I’m not the only one with wayward thoughts about Danny’s Ma!! 🙂

  3. I enjoyed reading you recap, and I really liked Kono and Steve with the baddie girl in the blue room! Those scene rock when they put Steve/Kono together – I remember a few and they were all outstanding (like the one with the dictator!) As I keep writing it makes me want to have more Steve/Kono!
    McG does the badge clinging in 4 pics you have in the post and I’m sure he did it some more in this ep, he is quite a “badge-clinger”!!! I love that 😆 very much!
    And to finish this up, don’t you think they should put McG undercover some more, I mean, him lifting that shirt (my heart nearly stopped 😉 ) was just so unexpected and hot! Those abbs and the season 1 face, “asdfldskghk”!
    Nice to have you around again, lots of love to you!

    • He is very fond of that badge, isn’t he? I didn’t notice that I had so many pics of it! 🙂 I would probably cling to the badge, too, if I had a chance. 😉
      Steve and Kono are good together. They play off of each other so well. We need more of that!
      I know, as that final scene started, I thought “Why is Steve wearing such a loose shirt? He usually wear something tighter.” And then he lifts the front to reveal that wire, which I didn’t actually notice at first!
      Thanks for reading!

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