Recap/Picspam #H50 4×19 Ku I Ka Pili Koko (Blood Brothers)

Geck-O-Meter: 8 Geckos

Yup, I liked this one. So many great moments between my boys! The Steve/Danny relationship is so integral to the show and the family feeling. We got shirtless Danny and almost-pantless Steve, too! Lots of drama, and a little more of the mystery. And a fabulous musical score, too!

We open with everyone showing up dressed for a party, but nothing happened! They had a tip that a big gun sale (the illegal kind) was happening, but no one was in the parking garage when they arrived.

This is enough reason for Steve and Danny to bicker.

Just as Steve and Danny are leaving, they hear a phone ringing in the maintenance closet. Inside, they find a man bound and gagged! What manner of mischief is this? Steve removes the tape from the guy’s mouth to hear one word: “Bomb.” And then BOOM!! The building collapses!

So….14 hours earlier, and Danny is busy with Amber (Not my friend Amber, sadly)! Remember her? The girl he met at the gas station? Forget! The real winners are at gas stations, where you can conveniently buy a chocolate Yodel and a diet Coke, too (does that make me sound lonely?).

Ahhhhh…shirtless Danny. Just waking up. All warm. Mussed. But with remarkably neat hair.

Amber goes to the kitchen to make coffee. But when she closes the refrigerator door, Grace is standing there! I laughed so hard at this! Oops! Seems Rachel dropped her off early.
Grace: Is that my dad’s shirt?

Danny complains about this to Steve, who seems a little amused. He is also très chaud in his wetsuit top and boardies.

Steve (correctly, IMHO) points out that perhaps Danny isn’t actually worried about the effect a woman might have on Grace, as much as he’s worrying about himself. He thinks Danny isn’t able to be happy.

A quick trip to Halawa Prison to visit JC Dekker, get the tip on the gun sale, and then we’re back to the recently exploded building. Everyone got out except for Steve, Danny, and Hostage Guy.

Steve desperately calls out for Danny and is tremendously relieved when he finds him alive. I loved this. The connection between these guys is so wonderful.

How much do I love the fact that Danny recites the ’86 Mets line-up to calm himself down?!!!!? Between the concrete on top of him, his claustrophobia, and the rebar stuck in his side, he isn’t in very good shape. Steve deftly removes the rebar and seals the wound with duct tape. My side hurts in sympathy. (Let’s just wave a hand over the improbabilities and craziness of this procedure, okay?)

Danny decides it’s time to argue.
Danny: Look me in the eye and admit something to me. We should not have listened to Dekker.
Steve: You want to do that now?
Instead, they start to bang on stuff and make lots of noise to get the attention of the rescue team.

Up above, the rescuers are listening. Catherine hears the banging and announces that she found them! Everyone dances around happily, throwing confetti and making merry! She decides that she might be able to get a cellular repeater down there and make contact with them.

Down below, Danny’s about to give up. He thinks the situation is hopeless. Steve tries to convince him that fear is just a state of mind and you have to work through it, and he accuses Danny of being afraid of everything. Well, I guess he can be kind of a Negative Nellie from time to time.

Danny decides to be a detective and starts wondering about Hostage Guy. Why was he tied up in a parking garage? Was he the target, and Five-0 just got caught in the middle?

Suddenly, Steve’s phone rings. It’s Cath! The guys dance around with much rejoicing!

Until Grover comments that the entire area is unstable and there could be more collapsing. Talk about a Negative Nellie!

Cath establishes a video connection with them. Look at those faces! ♥♥♥

They consult with Max on the possible identity of Hostage Guy (did I mention he was dead? Sorry if I forgot about that.) They determine that the guy was taking Coumadin because he had recently had surgery, so maybe they can use this information to find out who he is.

As Kono and Chin Ho are returning from Halawa and another consultation with Dekker, Kono stops to meet Amber.

Chin pauses to ask Cath how she’s holding up.

Together, they figure out that Hostage Guy is Marcus Dekker, JC’s brother! He just graduated from law school and had moved home to study for the Bar exam.

I felt sorry for Dekker here. He had been informing through the ATF so he could get out of prison sooner and make amends with his brother. 😦 At first they think the exploding building was to implicate Dekker and get revenge, but they soon realize that it was a plot against Five-0! Someone was using Dekker.

Back at the building, it’s determined that the guys have to move 30 yards to a ventilation shaft so they can be lifted out.

The scenes with Danny and Steve moving through the collapsed building were some of the best, I think. Just the wonderful way they are honest and true to each other is so beautiful.

Danny talks about how he’s always been sure that good things will end and he always imagines the worst possible outcome. He realizes that he always pushes people away. The one thing he doesn’t realize is that Steve and his Ohana have been there from the beginning! They know Danny, and they stay through everything. He isn’t alone. He hasn’t screwed up his relationship with Steve. It’s real. ♥♥♥
Danny: The only sustained happiness I’ve felt in my life so far is Grace.
I’m crying.

Some more concrete collapses, and Catherine loses the cell connection with the guys. Steve decides to build a pipe bomb out of a grenade. Go Steve!!! You knew he had to explode something before the end of the show, right?!?

Danny: Hold on, before we do this, I just want you to know one thing. Whatever happens, I really, really…from the bottom of my heart…..hate you so much. 🙂  ♥♥♥
Steve: I love you, too, pal.
Yes, he realized this was Danny’s guy-version of love. 🙂

Up above, the rescue people feel something tug on the line that they had put down the ventilation shaft, so they reel it up. They caught a Danny!!! This time there really is much rejoicing! They bring Steve top-side next.

There is a hug-fest for a few minutes. I am hugging them through my TV.

Before Danny leaves, he wants to talk to Steve.
Danny: When we were in there, you said, uh, you know, before you did the thing with the bomb, you said what you said. I want you to know I…I feel the same way.

Steve: How is that exactly?

Danny: Gonna make me say it? Come here. I love you.
Steve: I love you, buddy.

And Steve watches Danny walk away.

But, the episode isn’t over! Chin and Kono come over to tell Steve that they’ve found out who contacted the prisoners to pass along the bad tip that led to the bombing! An ex-CIA guy, who happened to be in charge of black ops in Cambodia in the ’70s! This was all about Steve and the inquiries he’s been making!

I think we need to take one more look at that epic hug.

Steve goes to confront ex-CIA guy.

He shows the guy he’s serious by shooting a computer. It was probably a Mac.

We find out that the body buried in Cambodia was Wo Fat’s mother! The operative (who we now know as McMom) was supposed to kill Wo Fat’s father, but something went wrong. That means Wo Fat’s father is still alive somewhere?! If this is all true, of course. Then the guy pulls a gun out, so Steve shoots him. Wow!


10 thoughts on “Recap/Picspam #H50 4×19 Ku I Ka Pili Koko (Blood Brothers)

  1. The Cambodia mystery is getting hot (well, it makes Steve hot 😉 ), and I like it! By now I’m used to show making more secrets and less anwers 😉 Just sometimes I would like to know, if they planned the whole story in advance or if they just keep adding stuff as they like! That Doris/WoFat/Doris not shooting WoFat makes my mind thinking and thinking! I think WoFat doesn’t know about who was in the grave, because the whole Shelbourne was a mystery to him too! Joe has to come back, I like him, but he has to come straight!
    I like the Steve/Danny moments, and Danny trying to get more positive! I also tend to see things dark and not often very positive (my husband keeps reminding me 😉 ) so I can understand Danno! I sometimes wish I was as carefree and inventive as Steve, hey, I really wanna be with Steve in a messy situation!
    Thanks for the fun here, keep on posting – I enjoy reading your recaps!

    • I wonder, too, how much they make up as they go and how much they plan out ahead. The whole Shelbourne thing was about Wo Fat’s father being killed, so I think you’re right about him not knowing. I wonder how much we’ll find out by the end of the season?
      I’m like you, I always tend to see the negative. I see things ending when I’m happy like he talked about. Maybe that’s why I like Danny so much!

  2. Since I’ve only watched it once (so far) I enjoyed the recap photos. Agree with you that the beginning with Grace was so funny. I really wanted to hear how Danny would stutter his way though the shirt explaination though. Gracie isn’t as naive as you think she is Danny.

    I thought they had Danny whine about this being Steve’s fault one too many times. That gets old. Right before Steve set off his pipe bomb, I loved it when he hesitated then turned around to look at Danny once more. A pure true friendship moment. Then boom. When Danny said he wasn’t coming in to work and was taking Amber to Maui for the week, do you suppose he remembered Rachel was gone and he’d have to also take Grace? Great recap!

    • Yeah, I wonder how he explained the shirt? Although I don’t think he needed to! LOL!

      I didn’t catch the way he looked back at Danny once more. True friendship, indeed! Even with the whining. 🙂

      I didn’t think about that he’d have to take Grace to Maui, too! Oh, that might mess up his plans. Maybe he will see those beaches after all! 🙂

  3. Good recap. Good episode. I liked it enough to skim over a bunch of stuff and liked that Steve wouldn’t let Danny get away with not saying ILY!! I think we need to change Steve’s name to McGyverett – he always knows what to do in any situation!

    Thanks to the CIA (ok so I’ll have to put up with mom again) we’ll be getting more BAMF Steve! YAY!! Can’t wait!! But I’m confused. You mean WoFat hasn’t realized after all these years that it was his mother who was missing and not his dad since he didn’t know who Shelburne was either. Did he not miss her?? This is one convoluted storyline that really needs to be put to rest permanently.

    I can’t believe this season is almost over! Where did the time go.

    • McGyverett! I like that! Who else would think of building a pipe bomb? He’s one resourceful guy.

      Yeah, even though he knew that’s what Danny meant when he said I hate you, he still made him say I love you. That was great!

      You’re right, didn’t Wo Fat wonder what happened to his mother? Did he think they were both killed? Maybe the CIA guy was lying. It does seem odd that he was willing to share the information with just a little prompting from Steve.

  4. Oh, one other thing. Now that Steve knows that it was CIA trying to get him off their backs, I wonder if he is going to try to keep Danny out of his quest. One would think he must feel a little guilty because if Danny had died it would have been because of the mess his mother had made.

  5. First time commenting on your reviews. I LOVE THEM!

    All season long, I was convinced that 4.10 was going to be my favorite episode, but somehow, 4.19 eclipsed it. It was the first time all season everyone played a role in getting the job done and it felt real (or as the writers like to say, “organic”). Some things bothered me, but I’ll keep those to myself and not rock the boat the first time out!

    I’m sure lots of people are over the Shelbourne stuff, but I love it because it brought SuperSeal Steve back. I missed the crazy, grenade tossing, shoot first/ask questions later guy. I hope TPTB let him stick around for awhile.

    • Thanks for the comment! This turned out to be a great episode. I knew I would like it, but it was even better than I expected.

      I just love to see Steve in action. He’s great with the feelings, too, but SEAL Steve! It’s his natural element.

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