Recap/Picspam 4×20 Pe’epe’e (Those Among Us) #H50

Geck-O-Meter: 5 Geckos, although I think AOL deserves 9 Geckos of his own for his fine performance

Shirtless Chin Ho! Lots of fun Grover/McGarrett ridiculous competing. Lots of Steve hitching his pants and grabbing his badge. Not much Danny. Sort-of interesting case that probably stirred up some political controversy, but that’s not what I’m here for. Nice Ohana scene at the end, which always makes me happy.

In the opening, we meet the soon-to-be victim, Nico the Poolman (not to be confused with Aquaman) who enjoys pretending he’s one of his rich clients. Sadly, someone shoots him.

Next stop, we see one nearly nekkid Chin spearfishing while Lou Grover sits dejectedly on a tiny, floaty, canoe-type thing. Chin is cleverly able to get him into the spirit of things, though.

Chin: I guess McGarrett was right.
Lou: Right about what?
Chin: Oh, nothing. He just said you’d never catch on quite as quick as he did.
Lou: So McGarrett said that, did he?
Chin: Don’t let that get under your skin. The guy’s a Navy SEAL. He grew up on the island. You’re a city boy. He was a natural. Took home half a dozen a fish on his very first time out.

At this point, Lou immediately submerges himself, returning a few moments later with a large fish. He just needed the right motivation! And he launches the first volley in the Great Fish Battle of 2014.

Now, on to the case. Steve and Kono arrive at the scene. Steve hitches his pants and grabs his badge. We learn that the owners aren’t around much, and they let their friend Dawn check in a few times a week.

Someone has decorated the kitchen with thousands of little palm tree air fresheners! Do palm trees have a scent? Or do these smell like the little pine trees? Have you seen those? Maybe they’re a local thing, and me and Amber and Beep are the only ones who have seen car-freshener pine trees. But the pine tree ones small like pine. Do palm tree fresheners smell like palm? Oh, maybe they smell like coconuts! Maybe they smell like Steve? I’m sure he smells good. He has also grabbed his badge again.

Kono is chatting with an HPD officer. Yes, it’s Him! The guy who has a crush on Kono! The security guard from the Pro Bowl episode, who we also saw again in the season premier as an academy cadet. He and Kono had “a moment” during their investigation, you know. *wink* I think his name is Pua. Kono lets him down nicely by letting him know that she’s in a relationship that is a 10 on the seriousness scale. And her boyfriend is also a 10. <–editorial comment 🙂

But back to the case. She and Steve search through some trash and find evidence of chemicals! So, the palm trees and their mysterious smell were intended to cover the scent of chemicals! What’s going on here? Was someone making meth?

Here’s an idea: They should film Scott Caan surfing, and add that into one of these between-scene montages of beautiful Hawaii. Just a thought.

Finally, we see Danny! But he’s on his way to physical therapy. He does stop long enough to rant at Steve for being the cause of everything bad that has happened in the last 4 years and to remind him that he loves him. 🙂 Steve loves him, too. 🙂 And Danny hitches his pants! His own pants, not Steve’s.

Hitch. Badge. As Steve walks into HQ.

Chin is the only guy who could look great wearing this shirt. But he has not just been standing around looking faboo in or out of his shirt! He’s been working, too! And he has found that college student Joseph was logged into the wifi network at the murder scene, so off they go to find Joseph.

Unfortunately, Joseph runs away rather than talk to the guys. He makes a big leap from rooftop to rooftop, and Steve follows, because he is a rooftop-leaping guy. Luckily for us, Steve does not follow when Joseph leaps off the roof onto the pavement. After the chase and Joseph’s final leap, Chin informs Steve that the chemicals from the murder scene were not crystal meth chemicals.

I liked Steve’s dramatic line: He was making a bomb.

A bomb that smells like palm tree air fresheners?

Time for some more of the Great Fish Battle of 2014.
Steve: That fish was probably old, depressed, maybe a little senile. Swimming around, looking for a tiger shark to end his days. And then he bumped into you.
They also discuss the bomb, and Steve asks for Lou’s help on the case.

Hitch. Steve goes back to HQ and learns that Joseph has been emailing with an Al-Qaeda guy who’s in hiding in Yemen. And Kono has also found the name of college student Brian who may have been involved in this bomb-making venture. Off to Brian’s house we go!

“Oh, dear, they are shooting at us! Let’s hide behind a couch! They may be able to shoot through walls, but they will never shoot through this upholstery!”

Yes, Steve, that was exactly my response when I first saw those awful green walls, too.

Brian ends up dead, but guess who we find upstairs? Dawn, the caretaker college student from the murder scene! Steve met with her earlier and she seemed totally mystified about the murder. Hmmmm, I think she was lying. Quick, does she smell like palm trees? That will tell us for sure.

We find out that this house was chock-full of bomb stuff! And bomb-making plans. AND a map of Hickam Air Force Base! This was a major endeavor! Chin’s going to coordinate with the FBI and see if they can track down more information now that they have this multitude of clues.

Steve goes to talk to Dawn in the Blue Room. Wow, this was some fine, intense acting by Alex! But Dawn is 100% convinced of her beliefs and her Jihad, and she won’t tell him anything. This woman is scary.

The FBI has been able to track down the terrorists who were working with the college students and link them to bombings near Kandahar. The way Steve always reacts when something happens with the military! It hits him extra-hard, understandably. It’s little touches like that that make him so real and human.

They arrest the lead terrorists. One was at work at a car wash, and one was at a lacrosse game (I’m guessing this was his son’s game).

Then Steve pays one more visit to Dawn. He informs her that the others told them everything. He just wants to know why Dawn would do this. Again, some amazing acting by Alex!
Steve: For every one of you, there’s a thousand of me. And just like you, we’re willing to die for the cause, too.

Steve and Danny go all the way to San Diego to visit the Veterans Affairs Medical Center, where they see many soldiers and sailors who have sacrificed for the cause. They want to talk to Kirk Emerson, the Marine who was wounded in the bombings in Kandahar. They tell him personally that they’ve caught the terrorists who were responsible. This is so moving and lovely. This Marine calls his injuries just a “bad day at the office.” Wow, I whine and carry on worse than that when I have a bad day at my real office.

The final scene is my favorite kind: a wonderful Ohana get-together! Steve is wearing an Aloha shirt. And there’s more of the Great Fish Battle of 2014! Lou’s speech before they serve his fish is hilarious! Pua has joined them, and he takes off his hat for this speech.

Lou: To become so strong and mighty, you spent many years in the depths of the ocean, avoiding the nets of the trawlers, dodging the fisherman’s spears…
Danny: That’s good, I like it. Keep going.
Lou: You were not one to be fooled by the baited hook or by the shiny lure. Oh, no, you knew no fear, for you were the king of the sea….That is, until that fateful moment yesterday when you swam around that reef and found yourself looking deeply into the eyes of a mighty warrior.
Steve: Stop! Stop there! We’re done. We’re bored. We’re hungry. Pass the damn fish around.
Danny: I’m not bored.

Steve: You know what? It tastes like a suicidal fish who gave his life to pump up your ego.

Lou challenges Steve to a fish-off, and Kamekona immediately sets the odds at 2 to 1 in favor of Steve. Danny bets $40 on Lou. Max just looks amused in his lavender bow tie.

Another new one next week, I think! I can hardly believe that the season is almost over! I want to keep posting through the summer, but probably just once a week at the most. If you have any ideas or things you’d like to see posted, contact me! Aloha!



10 thoughts on “Recap/Picspam 4×20 Pe’epe’e (Those Among Us) #H50

  1. Great recap! There was enough light-hearted banter to ease the seriousness of the situation. Great directing by Jeff and kudos to the writers but the episode belonged to Alex and his absolutely phenomenal acting. Even the young radical, Dawn, was excellent. I was moved to tears by the scene with the vet!
    (If I was that poor, senile fish I would die happy knowing that my life was ending for a good cause – to feed Steve!!) :-)!

    • Yes, there was just enough silly fish stuff thrown in! It’s one thing when Alex can take the super-personal episodes and pull you in with his acting, but this was even more superb because he made it his own.

      LOL, you poor, senile fish! 🙂

  2. This was not one of my favorites. I missed the first 8 minutes, so your recap helped with what I didn’t see. By the time Danny arrived, I was bored and thinking about turning the tv off, but since he appeared a few more seconds here and there, I’m glad I stuck it out. Everytime there is a Dannyless or almost Dannyless show, it reminds me that I don’t know if I’d keep watching if Scott left for good. The ending was excellent. It made me so ashamed over the little things I gripe about. Not a favorite, but not at the bottom either.

    • I almost started out the recap by saying “someone needs to warn me when there isn’t much Danny in an episode.” Then I’ll be warned! I’m glad you stayed around to see the great ending.

      • If I had turned it off I wouldn’t have seen Danny wearing that beautiful blue shirt at the end. Boy, he always looks good in that color! (well any color really, but love him in those deep blues.)

  3. I liked the episode, it was gripping and inscrutable at first! Of course, it was a bit over-the-top but they only have 42 minutes and they have to fill in all the stuff 😉
    After seeing the pool guy, I was like, wow, I live in the wrong part of the world, I would really love to live a few weeks like a big rich person (instead we have rain non-stop and summer or spring looks far away!
    I liked the surfer girl, and of course, I liked Steve! You liked the blue room too, many caps 😉 and I liked Steve’s “real rennaissance woman” scene, how would you translate “rennaissance woman”? Is it a common English saying?
    Thanks, nice caps and I loved reading!

    • It would be fun to live like that for awhile. Or maybe for the rest of my life. 🙂 We don’t have much rain here, but it’s cold!

      “Rennaissance Man” is a common English saying. It means a man who can do a little bit of everything. Arts, sports, business–a big variety.

      Yes, I thought Steve looked especially good in the blue room this time. 🙂 His performance in the whole episode was so great!


  4. I know I’m totally late with my reply, but I just had the chance to watch this episode on Friday! Fabulous recap!!! As always the laughs keep me going.

    Shirtless Chin was a total PLUS to the episode. We just don’t see enough shirtless Chin. I paused the show and told mom that he is one fine specimen of man, hmmm hmm hmm. 🙂

    I agree that Alex did some great acting in the blue room but I’ve gotta give props to the actress who played Dawn. She nailed it! I totally believed that she believed she was doing the right thing. Her crazy eyes and almost smile at times totally creeped me out!!

    Having Steve and Danny at the Veterans hospital was……I’m not sure there are words to describe the emotion of this scene. And, you’re right, I know I complain about all sorts of things and they aren’t even close to what our military men and women suffer. Really brings things into perspective.

    Last but not least, loved, loved, loved the Ohana at the end!!! But where the heck is Adam in these moments? We haven’t seen him in awhile!

    • Dawn was totally creepy and scary! She was a fanatic for sure.

      Some really great scenes, both of the visual and dramatic variety! We haven’t seen Adam at all since before Christmas, have we? I guess he can’t really hang out with Five-0 much, being a sort-of criminal and all. Maybe the actor has been busy with something else, too?

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