#H50 Recap/Picspam: 4×21 Makani ‘Olu a Holo Malie (Fair Winds and Following Seas)

Geck-0-Meter: 8 Geckos (1 for the case of the week and 7 for the rest of the episode)

Alex was so amazing!! He deserves more recognition for his skill as an actor. Did I mention that he was so amazing?! We should give him an Emmy. And an Oscar. Plus a Grammy, Golden Globe, Tony, and Nobel Prize. The Stanley Cup, anyone?

I love the poker game! Everyone who is anyone is there. Well, except Wo Fat, but that would have been a tad awkward. Kono beats Lou, Shrimp Bucks, Max in his green visor, and Steve borrowing money from Danny! All that fun in only a few minutes of screen time. 🙂

Soon the game is interrupted by not one, but two phone calls. First, Catherine gets an emergency call from Amir that upsets her, then Danny gets a call for this week’s case.

At the scene of the crime, we find a guy who was hit by truck because he ran into the street. He was chasing a guy on a motorcycle who had just stolen an organ that was intended for transplant!!! Quick, find a good transplant surgeon! (Yeah, I had to go there). Seriously, this case was filler. Kind of like those foam peanuts. Maybe I’ll call this the Peanut Case from now on.

Back at HQ, Cath asks for Steve’s help because she needs to get to Afghanistan pronto. Her friend Amir’s son Najib has been kidnapped by the Taliban. He wants her to go through proper channels, but she insists there’s no time. Cath is behaving exactly the way Steve would behave if the situation were reversed. And she continues to do so through the whole show.

She tells Steve the story of how Amir and his family saved her life 7 years ago. She was wounded and separated from her unit, and they took her in and patched her up, even though the Taliban would kill them if she were found. Sure enough, the Taliban showed up 3 days later, and Amir hid her from them. She owes them a debt and is determined to help them now. Steve agrees to help, and then he even shows up at the airport to go with her! He totally understands her mission and probably realizes that he would do the same.

Danny and Chin Ho investigate the case. They interrogate a suspect, and they look quite nice while doing it. 🙂

File this under “It’s my blog and I can post what I want.”

Steve and Cath ride into Amir’s village. Steve on a horse. Yes, please!

They find that Amir has gone off because he heard the kidnappers were in the area, so they follow him and find him wounded. Cath promises they’ll bring back Najib.

Back at Amir’s home, Cath tells Steve the rest of the story. She had actually met Amir and his family a year earlier than when she was wounded. She was in the village when Najib and his friends kicked their soccer ball into a mine field. Cath kept the boy from running into the field, then she called Billy (Harrington?!) and got a large, scary-looking, metal machine of some kind to come and rescue the ball. Yes, a soccer ball. I know Amir couldn’t just run to Walmart and buy a new one for the kids, but really? They couldn’t just use a map or metal detector or something?

Time to solve the case back in Hawaii. Danny, Chin, and Kono do some computer detectiving to find the stolen liver.

They track down the liver thief by means of a fingerprint they found, and so they head to his house. He runs away, but unfortunately for him he happens to run right by the part of the jungle where Lou likes to hang out. Lou takes a break from whatever he was doing in the jungle and smacks the liver-napper in the face. The team finds that the liver was intended for a lawyer who was representing a group in a class-action lawsuit against Attis Chemical Company. A couple of their executives instigated the liver robbery so the lawyer would die. Clever, and yet not, because there’s probably more than one lawyer in Hawaii.

Steve and Cath think they’ve spotted the group who has Najib, and they set up a roadblock, with Steve pretending to be a goat herder. (He has prior experience as a dairy farmer, you know. *wink*). When the convoy stops, Cath finds a bunch of kids in the truck, but not Najib. (BTW, notice that the Taliban dudes drive a Ford truck? Not a Chevy, of course. 😉 )

The Taliban discovers the trap, and lots of gun shots are fired. Did you know that one of the Taliban fighters was Egan Inoue, Alex and Scott’s friend and Brazilian jui jitsu instructor?

Steve yells for Cath to save the kids.

One of the Taliban dudes throws a grenade, and Steve is knocked out and captured!

At the Taliban camp, they are not taking good care of Steve. He’s already beat-up, and he hasn’t even met the evil Omar Hassan yet. The US thought they had killed Hassan 2 years earlier, but Amir knew that he was still alive. This is valuable intel!

The Taliban guys identify Steve by sorting through photographs. Apparently they haven’t had time to scrapbook yet, so the pictures are still in a box. They happen to have one of Steve, and they recognize him immediately! A few taps on their laptop, and they have his name and know he’s the one who took down the terrorists during last week’s episode! Maybe they looked at his Facebook page?

Meanwhile, Danny is accompanying some SEALs on their way to Afghanistan to rescue Steve. He did not get the memo about the dress code aboard this beverage-service-free flight.

At the US base, Danny assures them that Steve is still alive. He knows Steve.

This was such a scene! Even as they’re close to executing him, Steve gives one last fight, but to no avail. The evil Hassan is about to chop off Steve’s head! The way Steve yelled and shook and seemed so terrified was just chilling!

As the SEALs storm in to save him, just in time, Steve shrinks into the corner. He doesn’t know who just broke in and shot all the Taliban soldiers. This is way too much for anyone’s brain to handle, but his instincts kick in and he gets out of the way. As they call him by name and he realizes they’re US troops—wow—this was so intense! I love seeing brave and daring SEAL Steve, but something about seeing the humanity as he is moments from death was just–wow! Fabulous acting!

Back at the base, Steve is patched up and Danny is by his side. And Danny is not going to leave no matter who tells him to! Steve insists that he has to go help Cath, but Danny gets him to stay. Steve is in such bad shape from the beatings and all, and he’s probably mentally exhausted, he really can’t help right now. Danny was a little callous here, but we know how much Steve means to him. He was totally focused on his SEAL.

The CIA and some Navy guy try to question Steve, but darn it, his short-term memory has been wiped out and he can’t remember anything about Amir, Cath, or where he got his intel! And apparently Steve has a reputation in these parts. The Navy guy warns him that he’d better never pull another rogue mission in that part of the world. Um, can you say “Shelborne”? Steve will be back.

Danny (as the guys leave): Nice to meet you both.

Steve arrives home. (I’m going to assume that Danny is outside parking the car. Surely he wouldn’t send Steve home by himself after all this?) He already looked so sad and worn before his phone rang. Who was calling? Catherine. She’s going to stay in Afghanistan and keep looking for Najib. Steve offers to return, but she insists she’s better off by herself because she can keep a low profile. Steve is so devastated at this. He understands what she’s doing, but…the way he puts his head down for a second, then comes back on the phone, not sounding nearly as emotional as he looks. He wants to sound okay. But one more person is leaving him.

Steve: I love you, you know.

Catherine replies that she loves him, too, and we can see that she’s sad. But she’s focused on her mission. Her crazy mission that is not likely to turn out good. One person against the Taliban? I know she’s tough and has experience, but this is a suicide mission, I think. Fair winds and following seas, Catherine.

And Steve is just–devastated. I want to reach through my TV and hug him and tell him to sleep and that he’ll get through this. What an ending.




7 thoughts on “#H50 Recap/Picspam: 4×21 Makani ‘Olu a Holo Malie (Fair Winds and Following Seas)

  1. This is so great – I love how you managed to make me laugh with your comments even about an almost entirely serious and super-sad episode. And YES – Alex definitely deserves all those awards for his stunning performance . While the Stanley Cup might not really be “fitting” for an actor, I’m sure he qualifies for the Nobel Peace Prize for helping Cath on this special mission

    • I’m so glad you liked this! It was such an intense episode, and I get nervous trying to write about those. No Stanley Cup? Okay, I’ll go along with the Nobel Peace Prize. 🙂

  2. Great job recapping. Alex, Scott and Michelle had such emotional acting jobs this show and all of them pulled it off. I loved Danny’s reactions from the time he was told Steve had been captured till when they said the package was secure. And twice now Danny has flown off to hostile places to save Steve, so Steven better REALLY realize how much Danny cares. I wasn’t happy when Cath joined the team but feel she did add to the show when she popped up every 2-3 shows, so I wished she wasn’t removed totally. I just adore that photo of Danny with crossed arms. Nope, not moving…

    • It’s great when actors get a chance to show their acting skills and talents, and this was a big episode for that! You could just see the tension in Danny, and the way he reacted when he knew Steve was safe, yes! I get so much out of seeing how their friendship has grown and how Steve shares more with Danny now.

  3. I’m not quite sure that the Stanley Cup is up for grabs – hmm, maybe if they were wearing ice skates? LOL!

    While not a McRoll shipper, my heart broke for Steve. He’s losing someone else near and dear to him. Alex’s acting was stellar – if he doesn’t get nominated for an award it really will be a shame. His face, his voice, his motions conveyed soooo much without words.

    Danny always shines when Steve’s in trouble. If nothing else, he’s the one constant in Steve’s life. I often wonder why not Chin, considering Steve was his best-man at the wedding? Not here nor there. I’m thinking they’ll Grover a little more air-time with Scott not being around as much to finish up some projects.

    I really do need a rewatch (wasn’t home, missed the 1st 15 mins and was watching w/a group of non-fans so I couldn’t carry on the way I normally would!).

    Very sad and emotional. I hope for Steve (and the fans) there’ll be closure in early s5.

    • “Five-0 goes undercover with the Colorado Avalanche as a way to sneak up on Wo Fat in prison.” That could work!

      I agree, my heart just broke for Steve. He keeps losing people who go off to do something more important. Except Danny, who fought to stay in Hawaii. Chin is there, but he doesn’t have the steadfastness that Danny does. But, he has so much family on the island, he probably devotes his time there. That’s the way it works in real life. I have some great friends, but I know their families are priority to them.

      I hope we get some kind of closure in the season finale, but I have this feeling it’s just going to open up more problems for our dear team.

  4. Thank you for your recap, even though the ep was really sad, I enjoyed reading your recap!
    I had to laugh at how many of us fangirlies saw Stan with the goats! Eventually the end was coming and I think it was an emotional scene!
    I really don’t understand why they had to let Catherine go, she was an anker for Steve, for so many years, and as they finally said, they love each other! I didn’t cry, althought it was acted brilliantly, I don’t know, I just wasn’t in a mood to cry, and I’m a “hard-to-get-teary” person anyway 😉 I enjoyed this ep, it had many good things!
    I hate finales – gives me the creep to wait!

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