Recap/Picspam: 4×22 O ka Pili ‘Ohana ka ‘Oi (Family Comes First) #H50

*Sad face* End of the season! Whatever will I do without my heroes? I will attempt to keep posting amusing blogs, that’s what I will do! 🙂 I can’t promise to have something every week, because the combination of grad school and work just kicks me in the teeth sometimes, but I will have something for you during The Show’s hiatus.

Geck-O-Meter: 7 Geckos

Do you like my gecko? Amber bought me some colorful gecko socks, so I’m using a picture of them this week. 🙂 I get all excited over presents!

Our season finale opens with Wo Fat! Hey, Wo, long time no see! Looks like I won’t get much time to visit with him, though, because he blows a hole in wall of his cell and escapes from the supermax prison in Florence, Colorado. Seems that instead of swallowing his nitroglycerin pills, he saved them up and built a bomb! Lucky for him they didn’t put him on nitroglycerin spray.

Accompanied by the sweet sound of Frank Sinatra singing “I’m Gonna Live Til I Die,” we move from exploding prison cells to Steve and Danny driving a three-wheeled red clown car through the streets of Honolulu. Drat, I would have loved to have seen this as part of the actual story, instead of just the final chase in a case that has nothing to do with our story! They look so cute, although those wide shoulders make it a little cramped.

Steve’s traditional catch phrase is “Book ‘em, Danno.” Danno’s catch phrase is “What the hell is the matter with you?”

Steve: There’s only two ways this can go, and in both you end up dead.
Danny: You know that doesn’t make any sense.
Steve: But it sounded good, right?
Do you think Alex just said the line wrong, but it turned out funny so they left it in?

As they arrest the bad guy (yes, they managed to nab him in their clown car), Kono and Chin Ho arrive to announce that Wo Fat has indeed escaped!

Meanwhile, Lou gets a call from his daughter, Samantha, apologizing because she won’t be able to make it to lunch. She’s busy at the library with a friend. Oh, no! It’s Ian Wright, the hacker/terrorist! He’s going to hold Samantha hostage until Lou delivers a SWAT van, uniforms, credentials, and soft pretzels with cheese sauce!

Some fine acting in this episode from Chi McBride! Lou is beside himself, and starts to call McGarrett, then thinks better of it.

At HQ, Chin informs Steve and Danny that Wo Fat had one visitor in the month before his escape: McMom! Steve is sure it has something to do with Cambodia.

Wo Fat was spotted in Colorado Springs, at the very same Loaf-N-Jug where Amber stops every morning to buy Diet Pepsi, Krispy Kreme donuts, and the National Enquirer!! I’m glad she wasn’t there at the time!

The Five-0 team is given the task of working with Agent Novak to make sure $100 million of “ghost money” is transported safely from some secret place to the airport. Ghost money is not money they conjured up during a séance, even though they store it in a secret place. It’s money they gathered up during drug raids and other illegal stuff. Kind of like the $10 million that Steve and company stole during season 1.

The drive to the airport allows some valuable time for our team members to share their feelings. Danny tries to tease Steve about calling his mother, which of course he can’t do because he doesn’t know where she is. Steve also looks sad when he tells Danny that he texted last night with Catherine, and she’s still looking for Najib.

Kono tells Chin that Adam mentioned “the M word.” Chin tells her that his regret is that he didn’t marry Malia sooner, because life is unpredictable. So true!

Ian apparently broke into an innocent old man’s house, killed him, and locked Samantha up in a dog cage. He’s now at the airport, where he goes through the baggage system and leaves his backpack, which of course Security considers to be a bomb threat. SWAT is called, and guess who responds? Yes, the criminals in the SWAT van that Lou provided as ransom for Samantha! Aha, so that’s what Ian was up to! They arrive at the same time and place as our Five-0 team, with the intention of stealing the big pile of ghost money.

Chin is not pleased.

But there’s no money!! Danny suggests that Agent Novak could have taken it while they were briefing the (real) SWAT team.

The bad guys panic, and Lou and the team take the opportunity to overpower them. I like how the real SWAT guys just stay over on the side while Lou and the Five-0 team do all the fighting. Bunch of scaredy-cats!!

Lou explains what is going on with his daughter.

Ian has been watching and calls to tell them he still wants “his” money. Steve talks to him while Chin calls to order Jimmy Johns sandwiches.

They break into Agent Novak’s hotel suite, but he’s gone. Next stop is the panel van he rented a few days ago, but it’s empty. Lou is overwhelmed with grief and frustration, and Chi does a wonderful job with this scene. He’s lost and doesn’t know how to keep going. This was lovely the way Danny stepped out and talked with him. He’s been there and knows how tough this is. I think this might be a turning point as Lou sees Danny as a person and not just Steve’s side-kick, for the first time.

Back at HQ, crazy Ian shows up! He’s discovered that Agent Novak and the Makuakane family have exchanged encrypted emails. This is a known crime group on the island who lives in a compound. Now we know where the money went, but egads, how will we get to it? Ian likens them all to the Beatles, and I am left wondering which one is supposed to be Ringo? This occupies my brain for several hours.

It was so wonderful how they all rallied around to help Lou.
Steve: The only way we do this is together.


Here’s the plan for breaking into the Makuakane compound: Steve and Danny zoom around in their little red three-wheeled clown car, and while all the bad guys are rolling on the floor laughing, the rest of the team pounces! Yes, this is brilliant!!

Okay, now for what really happened. At the Makuakane compound, where we discover Agent Novak along with the other bad buys, Lou strong-arms his way in and reveals that he has a bomb!

As soon as they figure out that it’s a fake bomb, a new threat is revealed. While Lou kept Novak and the others busy, the team set themselves up outside the gate. This was great!

They quickly locate the big pile of ghost money and contact Ian, who tells them to meet him in 30 minutes.

However, Ian doesn’t show up at the drop site. Then Lou gets a surprising phone call. Samantha walked into an HPD precinct safe, and she says Ian is dead!! What?!

Lou and Samantha are tearfully reunited at Five-0 HQ.

Samantha tells them that a man showed up, shot Ian, and let her go. He left a message for Steve that they “need to talk.” Ah, the mystery is solved! Wo Fat is Ringo, and he wants to tell Steve!

Seriously, I know Wo Fat is a sly and slippery son-of-a-gun, but how did he know about this escapade with Ian? And how did he know where Ian was? Did he somehow obtain mystical knowledge during the ghost money séance? What sorcery is this?

In our final scene, we find Lou playing golf in an exquisite green outfit. Seems he is retired now, as the Governor did not approve of his stealing a SWAT van, uniforms, credentials, and soft pretzels with cheese sauce.

Lou (repeating what the Governor said): “…and my misuse of HPD resources was unprecedented.”
Steve: So basically nothing I wouldn’t have done under the same circumstances.

Lou: I’m a cop. I’ve been a cop for the last 30 years. I don’t know how to do nothing else.
Steve: That’s good, because you don’t need to.
Lou: What are you talking about?
Steve: We want you join Five-0.

And that is the end of season 4. 😦  Will we ever find out about McMom, Wo Fat, and Steve? Will Steve get a gecko tattoo over the summer, so they can stop covering Alex’s tats? How will Lou dress as a Five-0 member? Will Danny ever get to drive? Are they ever going to reference Woman’s Day again? What questions do you have about season 5?



8 thoughts on “Recap/Picspam: 4×22 O ka Pili ‘Ohana ka ‘Oi (Family Comes First) #H50

  1. This is so hilarious again! Your proposal for entering the Makuakane family compound is indeed brilliant

  2. Ha ha ha!!! You make me laugh so much!
    I sure wouldn’t have minded running into Wo Fat though – he’s still smoking hot! I could have bribed him with a Krispy Kreme to get answers to your questions.
    The sacrifices I make in the name of friendship! 🙂

  3. Amber has great taste in sockwear! Score 1 for the geckos!!

    No surprise that Lou is now part of 5-0. With Scott’s impending fatherhood and finishing the rest of his projects, he probably won’t be around as much and Lou will be a great replacement.
    It was a good epi – I sorta liked that there wasn’t a cliff-hanger ending but I do want to know how WoFat knew about Ian! That man is amazing isn’t he. (And we know that he’ll want something in return for his freeing Samantha – at Steve’s expense of course).

    All-in-all not a bad season. It’s going to be a loonngg summer. Is. It. September. Yet??

    Thanks for all your hard work and good luck in school!!

    • I decided to avoid the office today because I don’t want to drive in the snow, so I won’t be wearing my new gecko socks in public until tomorrow.

      Oh, you’re probably right about Lou being around more because Scott will be around less! I didn’t even think about that. Of course that’s why he’s on the team now!

      I want some answers about Wo Fat when S5 starts back up! That was just so strange how he showed up to rescue Samantha. What?! How’d he even get to Hawaii that fast?

      Thanks so much!!! It is going to be long summer!

  4. Wonderful recap. I always enjoy reading them. The best part of the show was the clown car. I’m sure poor Danny sported a few more gray ones after that.

    I wasn’t happy about Lou joining the team. 5 just doesn’t do it and then we have an odd person out with the partnerships all messed up. None of the 5th persons has ever made it to the next season. And I don’t know why Steve said they needed him. I really don’t see any different qualities that Lou has then say Duke. Danny sure managed to keep it together better when Grace was kidnapped then Lou was over his daughter. The main reason I am against him joining the team is that I am terrified that they are setting him up to be a replacement for Scott. I’ve already discovered on the shows that Scott isn’t on, I really don’t care if I watch or not.

    This is the very first year since the show has been on that I didn’t really moan the end of the season. I hope the next one is more like S1.

  5. Reblogged this on alixia94's Blog and commented:
    Wo Fat ! Détesté, haï …mais il donnait plus de passion et de suspense à la série. J’espère qu’il nous reviendra ne serait-ce que pour répondre aux questions en suspens

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