#H50 Trivia Time: Loa Aloha (The Long Good-bye) 1×18

Aloha! Do you think some Trivia Time might keep us occupied for the next few days until S5 starts? Here’s the deal, though: I provide the trivia post, which you will hopefully enjoy a little, and in return, you find me a picture of Scott Caan arriving at Sunset on the Beach on his bike!! Anybody? Me and some of my tweeps NEED this. Ok, you can enjoy the Trivia Time whether or not you have a pic. But if you know where I can find one, let me know!!!

Today’s episode goes all the way back to S1, episode 18. Loa Aloha, The Long Goodbye. The episode where we met Danny’s little brother Matt. You know I’m a Danny fan, but yes, I did laugh over the little brother being about 8 feet taller.

Are you ready?

1. Danny’s little brother is not a cop. What does he do for a living?
A. He’s a song and dance man who recently appeared on Broadway opposite Hugh Jackman. They sang a duet to “Sexy Eyes,” which just happens to be Steve’s favorite song.
B. He’s a talent agent in Los Angeles, where he works with his entourage, Eric, Scott, Turtle, Drama, and Ari.
C. He’s a hedge fund manager.

2. At the beginning, we see Danny and Gracie leaving the elevator and walking down the hallway of a hotel. They’re here to see Uncle Matty, who has arrived unexpectedly. Gracie is excited and says what about Uncle Matty? Danny may or may not like this. 🙂

A. He’s “the coolest ever!”
B. “I wonder if Uncle Steve will let Uncle Matty drive?”
C. “I hope he remembers that he promised to teach me how to figure the yield to maturity on a corporate bond with a 10.5% coupon rate.”

3. Their father also worked in public service, although he isn’t a cop like Danny. What does he do?

A. He works in a lei factory making all those lovely flowers that Danny likes to wear.
B. He’s a firefighter.
C. He follows Alex O’Loughlin around and makes sure he takes off his shirt occasionally.

4. Steve and Danny end up having dinner with Matt, Grace, and Rachel at the Hilton. Matt made sure to order Danny’s favorite dinner. What is it?

A. Surf and Turf
B. Ham and pineapple pizza
C. Pancakes (*wink wink*)

5. At this family dinner, Matt tells a story about something Danny did when he was 9 years old. What did he do?

A. TP’d his own house, and then flew to Hawaii to TP Steve’s house, too
B. Handcuffed Matt to the monkey cage at the zoo (it’s okay—they were plastic handcuffs)
C. Told that fairytale about the very handsome prince with the very beautiful black stallion that was the fastest and fairest stallion in the land—about 528 horsepower—but the dopey ogre coveted the black stallion and would never let the handsome prince drive.

How did you do?

1. C. He’s a hedge fund manager.
2. A. He’s “the coolest ever!”
3. B. He’s a firefighter. However, C would be an excellent public service, too.
4. A. Surf and Turf (Have I been away so long that you forgot about “pancakes”? I want pancakes in S5.)
5. B. Handcuffed Matt to the monkey cage at the zoo (it’s okay—they were plastic handcuffs)

How about some Kono and Steve to end this post? ‘Cause they’re the coolest ever!


3 thoughts on “#H50 Trivia Time: Loa Aloha (The Long Good-bye) 1×18

  1. 100% and I loved that one! Scott can really deliver those heartwrenching scenes like nobody else. And the ending with Danny and Rachel…sigh…

  2. 100% Woot!! However, I think pancakes are much better than Surf and Turf, heehee!!!

    Can’t wait for Friday! *do a little dance*

    Love ya! 🙂

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