#H50 Recap/Picspam: 5×05 Ho’oilina (Legacy)

Geck-O-Meter: 8 geckos

Do you like my new gecko? He’s from this episode. I honestly don’t know if that’s a gecko or some other lizard, but this is my fantasy life, so I’m making him a gecko. Beer and geckos! (Not that I drink while I’m writing or anything like that.)

This was one emotional episode with a side order of feelings and some tear-filled gravy! I always get involved in these family storylines, and Alex did such a wonderful job (as usual).

We open with Steve getting dressed up to go somewhere. Even though he’s in mourning, I admire how handsome he looks in his suit. And I approve that he has a full-length mirror in his bedroom.

Has Steve moved to the mainland? What’s with the long drive through the country?

This scene at the grave is so moving and beautiful. The way he talks to his dad and tells him about Aunt Deb and Mary and Joan. All so nicely done. I was crying and wanting to hug him. I had to look up the meaning of the quarter on the gravestone, which is apparently a military tradition.

But wait, a woman visits McDad’s grave just as Steve is calling Mary! What’s this?

Steve catches up with her and she introduces herself as Ellie Clayton. And she invites him out for coffee!!! Oh, my, does she know what that means? Oh, wait, to Steve, coffee is just a beverage.

BTW, how difficult is it for Alex to speak with an American accent while talking to an Australian actress? That seems kind of mean on the part of The Show! I hear a little Aussie creeping in on “Did you know him?” but otherwise he sounds like Steve for the rest of the episode.

Ellie explains that McDad was on the case when her father was murdered in a robbery at his bar, when she was growing up. He never solved the case, even though he continued to work on it over the years. He kept in touch with her and watched out for her, so now she visits his grave on the anniversary of his death. Her father’s bar was the Aces High, which is familiar to Steve because there’s a matchbook from there in the Champ Box!

Next, we’re off to Jerry’s house. I feel sorry for anyone who has to pack up all of that stuff! One mystery we haven’t solved: Where is Jerry going to live, now that his mother sold the house? I think Danny’s basement would be an excellent choice. Yes, perfect!

This is how I would look if I were helping pack. Except it wouldn’t be on purpose.

Chin gets tired of the silliness downstairs and goes upstairs, where he finds Jerry listening to a recording from Ye Olde Book and Counterfeit Money Shoppe. What!!! He’s not supposed to have the place bugged! Steve told him to back off! Chin makes him promise to retrieve the book with the hidden microphone, as Steve arrives at the house.

Steve wants to talk with Chin about Ellie’s case and see how much he remembers from when he was McDad’s partner.

Ellie and her dad lived in an apartment above the bar, and apparently her mother was no longer around. They have a cute father/daughter dance, then she goes upstairs while he closes up the place. But someone breaks in and shoots him! McDad shows up with the rest of the police and has a nice heart-to-heart talk with Ellie, after telling her he has a daughter about her age.

The story ends, and Steve and Ellie are talking. He’s going to follow up and see if he can track down the leads his father spoke about to Ellie shortly before his death.

Kono reports that there wasn’t much evidence, though. A homeless man, Ned, had been detained for questioning, but his alibi held up. McDad thought he was hiding something but could never find him again. The lead he told Ellie about was to Ned, so Chin says, “Hey, let’s all go to Vegas since we don’t have a case right now!” Steve says “No, I just drove here all the way from the mainland this morning, and I don’t feel like heading back today. Let’s just work on this cold case.”

Ned had found the cash box from the bar, but he hid it and didn’t tell the police! Personally, I would not have hidden the box behind a bakery. I would have gone inside and bought all the doughnuts. Perhaps it is Ye Old Doughnut and Forged Art Shoppe.

Steve figures this doesn’t add up. Why would the thief have stashed the box somewhere, with the money still inside? Maybe it wasn’t a robbery after all! Maybe it was a murder! The cash box was stolen just to throw HPD off track!

Chin and Steve head to Halawa to interview Justin, someone who was seen arguing with Ellie’s father shortly before his murder. Justin swears he didn’t do it, because he liked Mr. Clayton, who was trying to get Justin out of the drug-dealing business. Justin couldn’t stop, though, because he was working off the money his mother owed a dealer named Sykes.

Steve calls Danny in New Jersey to see how things are going. This is a lovely touch!

Back at HQ, Steve and Chin have a talk that has me in tears again. Chin thinks McDad watched out for Ellie because he missed his own kids and regretted sending them away so much. He sees what it’s like to have no one you can depend on. I think Steve might cry, too.

But then Grover interrupts, and they find out that Ellie’s father had some kind of connection to illegal gambling!

The body of Ellie’s father is exhumed so they can try to get more bullet fragments for a ballistics match. More feelings. Steve held Ellie’s hand, because he understood her grief. They both lost their fathers to violence, and this is a bond between them.

The ballistics test is a success, and they have a new suspect. He, however, claims that Sykes did it. Wait, Sykes!? The same drug dealer who was keeping Justin in the drug business? Hmmm….

I like this picture because it looks like Chin and Lou are trying to discuss things reasonably, and Steve is just planning all the ways he’s going to get the suspect to talk.

Turns out Ellie’s father had challenged Sykes to a poker game, and if he won, then Sykes had to Jordan and his mother out of the debt they owed. As Ellie’s father was a card shark, he won! And humiliated Sykes, so Sykes tracked him down and murdered him! To prove this, they get Jordan out of prison to help them set up Sykes for a confession. Sykes is one sleazy son-of-a-gun, right down to the slick shiny suit!

The team waits outside in the surveillance van, where Kono watches The Amazing Race, Steve tries to take a nap, and Chin is bored. Lou is just plain annoyed, because he wants to watch Battlestar Galactica. He’s a big fan of Boomer.

Justin becomes enraged because Sykes is so casual about killing the only person who ever really tried to help him. The team breaks up the fight and saves him.

Afterward, Steve goes to put the Aces High matchbook back in the Champ Box, and while there, he remembers when he was 6 years old and helped his dad work on the car. I love the small smile he has! And I doubly love the white tshirt with the sexy tats peeking out. And the jeans. Those muscular arms. And I’m getting off track here. This is a heartfelt moment.

Steve is working away under the car, getting sweaty and dirty and thinking that maybe he should take off that white tshirt that is now getting greasy. Sadly, a pair of legs shows up and distracts him.

The legs are attached to Ellie! She wanted to come by and thank him personally. They reminisce about the car and McDad a little, and she shares some car advice. Hmmm, I think we will be seeing Ellie again, but as a lover or a friend? We haven’t heard anything about Cath, but I doubt he would be ready to move on to another woman even if they did break up. But he could use a good friend.

In the final scene, the proprietor of Ye Old Book and Counterfeit Money Shoppe shows up in Jerry’s basement! And Jerry ends up with a hood over his head! Coincidence?

But let’s end with a nice picture of McHottness instead.


9 thoughts on “#H50 Recap/Picspam: 5×05 Ho’oilina (Legacy)

    • Me, too! I kept looking at the pictures and saying, “Yes, that’s gray! It’s not just the lighting. Yay!” He’s one of those men who will just get better looking as he gets older. 🙂

  1. Yeah, you’re back. I missed your recaps. Isn’t is a shame RL sometimes screws up our playtime? It was a good show. Heck the entire season so far has been fantastic. I totally missed Danny though. Steve’s call to him was so nice. And it sounds like Danny isn’t answering any of Steve’s calls either. I hope you can go backwards a week and do the previous week’s show which was the most powerful so far this season.

    • Thanks! I wish I could just live in my H50 world instead of RL! I have really liked this season so far and hope they keep it up! I really missed Danny all over again when I was going through these screencaps. 😦 Last week’s episode! Wow! I was just totally caught up in that! It was powerful and may be one of favs ever!

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