Recap/Picspam: 5×06 Ho’oma’ike (Unmasked) #H50

Geck-O-Meter: 5 geckos 

I don’t like horror films. Me and Lou are together on this. I had a tough time looking beyond that storyline and appreciating the episode. I did like that this was more of a case-focused show, making it a good shift from the emotions of last episode and probably the next one. Please read on for thoughts about becoming a professional conspiracy theorist, more love for My Guys, interesting astronomical anomalies, and an homage to Blue, Plaid, and Shorts.

We open with the proprietor of Ye Olde Book and Counterfeit Money Shoppe, Mr. Farrow, as he hands out Halloween candy and wipes blood off of his face. He is not the one who wears blue plaid or shorts, but he is going to wear a rubber apron. And this is my idea of a bag of candy! You go, Mr. Skeleton and Mr. Knight.

See? Apron and gloves, as he terrifies Jerry by beating up and finally shooting another guy, Helms, who had been working with Farrow. (BTW, I love those arched doorways.)

My Guys! Danny is really struggling right now, and Steve is there for him, accompanied by some nice Pearl Jam. I can feel the love and concern radiating from my TV screen! This relationship is the backbone of the entire show. I like the way the conversation starts. Steve: “Hey.” Danny: “Hey.” Typical men, but so much is conveyed in those words! Just the fact that Steve came looking for him conveys so much. @justtracy pointed out that Danny was ignoring Steve’s messages and texts. But Steve searched for him anyway because he cares so much!

Steve: “You know, it’s not your fault, Dan.”
Danny: “I don’t know about that.”

Steve: “What, are you gonna second-guess every decision you make? I did that with my old man, Danny. I did that with Freddie, too. The truth is I could never have saved either one of them. Don’t do that to yourself.”

On to the case of the week. A restaurant manager was found murdered and strung up in the walk-in freezer. Lou, Kono, and Chin Ho handled this one on their own, and I kind of liked seeing the team work this way. Nice to have things mixed up a little sometimes.

Lou refuses to wear a coat into the freezer.
Lou: “You know what we call 40 below in Chicago? April.”

Meanwhile, S&D are called to the police station to see Jerry! Farrow let him go! Jerry’s pretty shaken up and takes them to his house to show them his evidence. Except, it’s gone!! Everything is gone! Poor Jerry, this was his life’s work.

Which brings to me to something I’ve been wondering. If this is his life’s work, where does he get money to live on? I know he lives in his mom’s basement and all, but surely she doesn’t cover all of his expenses and let him live there for free. Is conspiracy theory such a lucrative pursuit? Theoretical physics, yes $$. Theoretical conspiracies, no $$. Or is that a secret? Maybe the conspiracy theorists are conspiring to hide their secret sources of income!!

Lou and Kono go to see Max, who is dressed for his Keanu Reaves Halloween as Johnny Utah from Point Break. Lou is not impressed. Max reports that the victim was killed with a sickle! Ewwwww!

Steve makes the unheard-of journey to acquire a warrant so they can search Farrow’s home. He and Jerry go to see Ellie for this! Believe it or not, Five-0 has “a reputation for being gung-ho cowboys”! I had no idea.

However, the judge turns down the warrant request. This doesn’t stop Steve from trying, but Farrow wants to see the warrant. Steve wants HPD to follow Farrow, because he has shrapnel scars on his arm, but he has no history of military service. Hmmmmm, who is this guy? Perhaps not a mild-mannered antique bookstore scholar after all. Although you can get some really nasty papercuts if you handle books a lot. Those could leave scars, too.

Danny: “You have a lovely home.”

After a second victim is murdered, Max figures out what is going on. Someone is re-enacting a horror film from the 80s! Jack Knife. Max has a copy from Japan that he acquired because of his superior eBay skills.

Back at HQ, Steve, Danny, and Jerry can’t come up with any intel on Farrow outside of the routine stuff they already had. Jerry has a source, though.
Jerry: “Hey, can you guys manage here without me?”

Danny: “No.”

HPD reports that Farrow is shipping some big boxes at the docks. S&D break it up, but it turns out to be boxes of—you guessed it—books. Farrow played them. That doesn’t stop them from taking him in for questioning, since he forgot to fill out a form 10385968348596596749764224347868-Q for Customs.

Kono and Lou find out that Jack Knife was shown at a recent horror movie festival, where they even handed out masks! This could be what triggered the murders! I kept waiting for Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Howard to show up in the background of this store.
Kono: “Look, you’re a big, strong guy, and you’re afraid of horror movies.”

Wasn’t Kamekono handsome when he was in high school? He was not wearing blue plaid, though. He went to the same high school as the two murder victims, and Chin is hoping he can provide some information. Turns out the two guys were bullies, but they were led by a third guy. The next victim!

The team gets to the potential victim’s house and interrupts the murder. But the crazy killer gets away.

How come there’s always a full moon in Hawaii on Halloween?

Nice picture of Steve during the interrogation of Farrow.

Danny: “She was saying this guy was really nice and polite and that he was a gentleman, and I wanted to see if we’re talking about the same Steve McGarrett.”

Ellie wants them to know that Farrow is a Really Important Guy among judges and politicians, so they’d better handle him carefully. It’s a good thing they don’t have him handcuffed to a chair in the blue room while HPD searches his house at this very moment! Jerry found out some great information, but…..maybe right now is not a good time.
Jerry: “Turns out there’s an Area 52. Blows your mind, right?”

Ellie: “What did you do, Steve?”

Kono, Chin, and Lou go to interview the guy they rescued, who is not dead but is minus one ear. (I hope he doesn’t wear glasses.) He tells the story of how he and his friends bullied a kid in high school just like a kid was bullied in Jack Knife. So that must be the person who is now completing the movie by committing the revenge murders.

At the suspect’s house, though, they find that that real murderer is the guy’s son! How creepy is that? The son blames the bullies for making his dad a coward. The son hates being “the poor kid” and feels the bullies have ruined his life, too. And BTW, he murdered Dad, too.

Turns out Farrow is not Farrow! He’s Corrigan, a former Major in the British Special Forces who was court-martialed. Except he didn’t show up for the trial and is wanted by the British government. He was responsible for the deaths of five innocent civilians, but he maintains he made the right decision to protect his troops.

HPD found traces of fake blood at Farrow’s house. He didn’t really murder Helms in front of Jerry! It was just a ruse to throw them off track while the not-dead Helms moved the counterfeit money!

Loved the way Steve and Danny dropped in on the counterfeit party!

They then acted out my fourth favorite fantasy, finding a big barrel o’money (except I would want real money). BTW, I am still waiting for them to act out the first three on my list.

Jerry: “Checkmate.”

Jerry: “Do I get a badge now?”

Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! Plaid! Plaid!

While Steve is out shopping for bait (there must be a joke here somewhere!), he runs into Eric Dickerson, a former pro football player (who did not play for the Broncos)!!

They take a picture together so Danny will be extra-jealous of Steve. Did I mention how much I love Steve in Blue Plaid and Shorts??!!

Steve and Ellie do some fishing in Steve’s backyard. Since she caught the fish, she expects Steve to fillet and cook it. Payback for that warrant thing. 🙂

I like the easy way they are together. I’ll probably make someone mad, but I’m going to say this anyway. I like Ellie and hope she and Steve remain friends. I would love for the show to have an intelligent woman character who isn’t just there because she’s someone’s relative or love interest. Plus, we still don’t know what’s going on with Cath. Steve wouldn’t cheat on her. Even if they broke up and didn’t tell us, I can’t see him moving on to someone else so quickly. Let’s just keep Ellie as a friend for now.

And next week!!!! The 100th episode!!! Perhaps some answers! And the “what if” storyline! I am so looking forward to this one, even more than usual!!


11 thoughts on “Recap/Picspam: 5×06 Ho’oma’ike (Unmasked) #H50

  1. Great recap as always. And loved the photos. I enjoyed how they had 2 different cases going but left Steve and Danny partnered. Is it just me or do the victims seem to be more graphic looking this year. Agreed that I hope Ellie just stays a friend at least until later on in the season. Poor Danny filled with guilt! He feels guilty about Matt but hasn’t mentioned killing an unarmed guy and I wonder if that will bother him in the future.

    • I like when they change up partners, but I also love love love when Steve and Danny are together. This episode was great for that. The victims were definitely graphic this time! I have to remind myself that they aren’t real!

      I wonder if he’s just so overcome with thinking about Matt that he hasn’t considered what else he did? I think you’re right, and it will bother him in the future. That was–wow.

  2. great recap.. i loved that last scene of relaxed steve. i also hope they let Ellie be a good friend for a while; i would think a lot less of Steve if he moved on to another woman after such a long relationship (defined or not) with Catherine.
    I work with law enforcement, but unfortunately none of them look like Steve McGarrett, or owe me payback for anything. : (

    • If any of them did look like Steve, I would be on a plane to visit you right away!!

      I haven’t heard any hints about what’s to come with Ellie, or even if she will be around for the season. But after telling Cath that he loves her–he’s too honorable of a man to just forget her right away.

      • Always love your reviews!

        As far as Ellie goes, I like her a lot and I don’t have a problem with it going beyond a friendship. McG is an honorable man, but if the relationship has ended (which it will soon) why would it be wrong for him to move on? It’s been months since Cath stayed behind in Afghanistan and seems obvious to me he’s moving on with life.

        I do know that Ellie will be in 5.10 for sure and I’ve heard 5.15 as well.

      • That’s good to know that she’ll be in more episodes. I guess it seems like Cath hasn’t been gone that long, but it has been months! It was such a weird thing anyway, with him going from “she’s not my girlfriend” to “I love you” after such a long time.

    • That’s funny! My sister works directly under a fire chief and she says the same thing about the firefighters in the station when I mention how good looking the guys on Chicago Fire are.

  3. I enjoyed reading this, as for me, I’m not a fan of horror movies neither and I don’t usually like these halloween eps (just the cases of course, I love the humor very much)!
    I love Jerry, I love it how he challenges Steve on a totally new level, it’s like Comedy meets Bamfness! Looking forward to Ellie and Steve, I like her, even if I miss Cath! Thanks!

  4. It’s okay, Anna, I forgive you. Ha!
    I’m all for having intelligent women on the show too, but do they have to look like supermodels? What about all the super intelligent, average-looking women they could cast?
    I guess they need to have some eye candy for all the men out there who are fans of the show. ;-). Fair enough.

    Fabulous recap, as always!!!!

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