#H50 Recap/Picspam 2×15 Mai Ka Wa Kahinko

Surprise!!! This is an old recap/picspam from way back when I started writing these. I was writing for someone else’s blog, so I had to follow her rules, but I think they are still fun. 🙂

I decided to re-post some of these old ones in honor of my good friend Alice, who has recently become a big fan of Hawaii Five-0 thanks to Netflix!! *Everybody wave “hello” to Alice!*  She is especially fond of shirtless Steve. See, she has good taste! I’m starting with this episode because she just watched it.

Dear Golden Globes and Emmy Awards,
Scott Caan. Scott Caan. Scott Caan. Now!
Sincerely, Anna
PS: Throw in an Oscar and a Tony, because he deserves ALL the awards. Thank you.

Before we get to the amazing Scott acting moments, we need to revisit the first part of the episode.

Just looking at that outdoor staircase made me tired and hot. 1048 steps! Just looking at Steve and those arms and legs made me hot and tired. Let’s see, which should I choose?

“Congratulations, you know how to throw little balls around. That’s good.” I honestly looked around because that sounded like something Danny would say! I thought maybe he was hiding somewhere in the background!

Steve, Danny, and Kono began investigating the murder of a US Marshall aboard an inbound flight to Honolulu.

I was already starting to feel heartbroken for Danny when he discovered that the murder victim was an old friend of his from New Jersey. Steve and Kono were, too, and they didn’t even know what was going to happen next. (Steve and Kono told me they don’t watch the previews.)

Danny called the victim’s wife personally. That was so touching and kind. And so perfect for his character.

As they looked further into this murder, Steve and Danny headed off to look for the escaped prisoner (the EP). They started at a poker game. Steve and Danny shared a little joke about $50,000! (They probably carry $50,000 worth of guns!)

Next, the motel where the EP might be hiding. I laughed at the receptionist’s question, “Would you like me to call him?” Uh, no, do these Kevlar vests and badges mean anything to you?

I want to run this scene in reverse and watch them all jump up onto the balcony. 😀

As Danny dunked the EP’s head under water, Steve made an awesome reference to the rooftop scene of 01×02! The one where Danny yelled at him for hanging a guy off a roof, because “If a suspect dies, he no longer has the ability to speak.” Now the roles are reversed, and Steve calmly says, “If we drown him, he won’t be able to tell us anything.” Little inside jokes like that make me happy, because then I feel like I belong to the H50 Ohana Club.

I was glad they showed the interrogation room scene, because I am usually the last person to figure things out. I had not yet realized that Danny’s nemesis, Rick Peterson, was the other guy on the airplane. I am also intrigued about why they have a drain on the floor of the interrogation room. Go ahead….let your imaginations run wild with that!

As they prepared to head out to investigate again, Danny told Lori to stay put because of her sprained ankle. She commented about his chivalry, to which Steve replied, “I carried you down a mountain.” Well, halfway down. But that was a great comeback! (Carry me, Steve! Admit it, you were thinking that, too!)

Next, the Five-0s get the first hint that that there’s a personal vendetta coming. Kono is with Charlie Fong when he recovers the last phone number that was dialed on the victim’s cell phone. She immediately recognizes it as Danny’s phone number! The timeline was confusing here, though, because apparently no one tells this to Danny? I’m sure that in “real life” all of the discoveries about Rick Peterson happened at the same time. But a full 5 minutes of the show went by before Steve called Danny to say there was a problem (plus commercials for those of us actually watching CBS).

The scene at the supposed home of bad guy Rick was unremarkable except for the wonderful camera shots of 2 Steves looking very bad-ass! 😄

Creepy Rick is creepy. The computer that Steve discovered with all the pictures of Danny, Grace, Rachel, and Stan? Makes me shiver just to think about it. And the actor who played Rick was, IMHO, fantastically….disturbing. Sorry, even I can’t find anything humorous here.

Three cheers for Grace, who was smart enough to not go with the stranger immediately. Did you notice that she asked for either her mother or Uncle Steve? Not Step-Stan! Granted, Stan isn’t part of the group that would be concerned if Danny really was hospitalized, but it was still interesting. Three loud choruses of “Booo” for the tennis instructor who let Grace leave with a stranger! Slap that man upside the head with a dolphin!

Steve knows the name of the place where Grace takes her tennis lessons! How cute is that?

Then all hell breaks loose for Danny. Steve calls to tell him someone’s been stalking them. Chin reports that Grace was picked up by “a uniform” 30 minutes ago. Rachel can’t find Grace. Grace calls, but it isn’t Grace. It’s Rick Peterson. What a downpour of bad news. (Insert big huggles here.)

Danny held himself together and made good, fast decisions. But he had that little catch in his voice that just tugged at my heart. And poor Grace! She realized that something had gone terribly wrong.

Steve, Kono, and Lori were beside themselves with worry as they quickly discovered the truth. Danny was the prosecution’s key witness when Rick, Danny’s former partner, went to prison for stealing money, drugs, guns, and heart-shaped boxes of Valentine chocolates from crime scenes.

“You find it, okay? Find it. Find it. Find it!”

Rick has apparently been hiding stuff all over Honolulu, but not for a pirate treasure hunt. Danny raced the wrong way down a one-way street to get to the cell phone that Rick hid at a bus stop. From there Rick sent him to Diamond Head, and Steve and Chin followed, using Cammy the Camaro’s GPS.

Kono found out that Rick had been listening to all of Danny’s and Rachel’s voicemails, especially the one in which Danny says he still loves Rachel and wants to be with her even though the baby isn’t his. Wow, that gave Rick a lot of fuel for his evil plans.

Sidebar: I wonder sometimes if Danny ever talked to anyone about what happened with Rachel. Many people have imagined what might have happened, both in the canonical story and in the Danny/Steve-shipping universe. Danny has such deep feelings; I don’t know if he would have talked about it or not.

The scene at Diamond Head when Rick and Danny finally met was so powerful. Danny finally showed his anger. Until this point, he’d been scared, cooperative, even professional. Now he’s angry, and rightly so. Back in New Jersey at Rick’s trial, Danny was honest, and he blamed Danny for this! For ruining his life. So now Rick thinks Danny’s life should also be ruined. The twisted logic of that is so sad.

As Danny and Rick drove off, the rest of Rick’s crazy plan was revealed. He wants everyone to think that Danny snapped and went after Stan so that he could end up with Rachel. Rick doesn’t really know Danny, does he? Danny wouldn’t come unraveled like that. The Five-0s know this.

Everyone arrived at the park at the same time.

Stan deserves some applause here. Did you catch his little nod of acknowledgment right after he said, “It’s for Grace?” He understood what was happening and was willing to be shot to save Grace. We haven’t learned much about Stan, but he has seemed like a kind of shallow guy until now. But this was very noble of him.

Once Rick was no longer in control, Danny turned into one big scoop of no-nonsense, focused man on a mission. First he touched Steve on the chest to reassure him, then he shot Rick in the foot to get the information! And Steve was running to be beside him (to make sure Danny doesn’t do something crazy? Or to help him do something crazy?).

And finally, Grace is safe! Uncle Steve called her sweetheart! That was a wonderful touch. Even though I was happy to see everyone safe (well, everyone except for poor Stan who got shot—I wasn’t glad about that), I was a tiny bit sad at the sight of Steve standing off to the side while Danny hugged his family.

Every time I watch this ending, I find that I’m holding my breath. And now, even writing about it, I find myself holding my breath again!

Mahalo, A hui hou kakou!


4 thoughts on “#H50 Recap/Picspam 2×15 Mai Ka Wa Kahinko

  1. This tells me Steve is a very attentive man and he does know his partner inside out to even keep track of Grace and her whereabouts. So it doesn’t make sense they have to be in therapy and Danny accusing Steve of not ever paying attention to him like he did when Steve had no idea he was claustrophobic. Blaming the writers for that one.
    With that said how wonderful to revisit an old ep again.

    • That is a great point! The first therapy session was cute just as something funny and different, but the second one, I didn’t like so much. It was good to look at this episode and remember how Steve was so wound up and worried about Danny and Grace.

  2. The interrogation room floor drain is OBVIOUSLY for use in case of tsunamis. 😉
    Great show recap. I haven’t even seen one episode but your recap was very entertaining anyway!
    PS – anyone who would steal heart-shaped boxes of chocolates is for sure a sociopath. Scary stuff, scary Rick!

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