#H50 Recap/Picspam: A Make Kaua (Until We Die) 5×25

Aloha! It’s been a long time! I have graduated with my master’s degree and am slowly digging out from under all the stress and stuff that I haven’t done for the last several months. And that means I want to get back to the blog!

I thought I’d start at the end and write a post about the season finale. This episode contained so much! Shirtless, wet Steve. Our pretty team all dressed up in their fine clothes. A cargument and a heligument. A nuclear explosion. A bride who fights crime on her wedding day (I would opt for a pedicure, myself). And further confirmation that Waikiki is one of the most dangerous spots on Earth.

I give this episode 8 geckos.

We open with someone playing tricks on a top-secret, stealthy convoy of important-looking vehicles. They are effectively stopped by a cable that’s been stretched across the road. Ouch! Whatever they were transporting is now in the hands of the tricksters, who are headed for Hawaii. Perhaps it’s a case of sunscreen? You would probably need that in Hawaii.

We’re going to have to wait, because next we find Chin Ho waiting at Adam’s house. This is such a beautiful house!! Right on the ocean and everything. Chin wants an explanation for why Adam is consorting with a known Yakuza bad guy. Adam reluctantly explains that he’s trying to break up with the Yakuza, but he might lose all of his money in the process. But Kono’s probably okay with that.

Danny and Lou discover that Gabriel Waincroft is still around and is apparently killing people. This is not good. Not good at all.

While Danny and Lou are working, Steve is swimming in the ocean. As he emerges from the water all handsome and wet and appealing and wearing only his boardies….uhhh….what was I talking about? Oh, yes, as shiny and shirtless Steve….uhhh…..okay, he’s looking for his towel. Where could it have gone?

Catherine has it! She’s come back for Kono’s wedding and came straight to see Steve! He’s amazed, but is happy to see her.

He wants to go out to breakfast and talk with her, but before he can dry off and put on his civvies, he gets the Traditional Phone Call That Signals The Beginning of A Case. (BTW, Cath, next time take his towel while he’s in the shower, please. I would pay you to do this.)

A jet with a dead pilot has been discovered.

Max wants them to hurry, though, because he has an appointment to get fitted for his tux for the wedding. Max, I love you!!
Danny: You doing powder blue or crushed velvet?
Max: While both are valid choices, I will be attending Kono’s wedding in a more traditional palette.
Danny: Pea soup green?
Max: Unlike you, Detective Williams, I have no insecurities when it comes to bold colors.
Danny: Insecurities?
Steve: He’s right—you hate color. (Editorial note: This is from the man who specializes in 50 shades of blue.)
Duke just looks on.

My first reaction was “No! Danny wears colors!” But then I tried to find pictures to prove this. Alas, he really does wear a lot of gray and white. This was the best I could find. However, no one will ever measure up to Lou Grover in the bold hues department.

Speaking of Lou, he announces that everyone needs to get back because he’s discovered that the jet was probably carrying Duke. Wait, he walked up with Steve and is standing right there! What’s the problem???? That doesn’t seem like such a bad thing.

What? Oh, a NUKE! Well, that is a bad thing.

This does not keep Steve and Danny from a discussion in the car. Danny wants to know what’s going on with Catherine, and Steve’s basic answer is We didn’t discuss that.
Danny: I think it would be good to find out what her plans are, so she doesn’t rip your heart out again, that’s all.
Steve thinks this is all over-dramatic, even for Danny.
I think it’s kind of nice that Danny is concerned, and I’m not surprised that Steve doesn’t know what to say yet. He’s good at quick decisions when action is concerned, but this has to do with his feelings. He hasn’t had a chance to think about those much since Catherine arrived. One of the things that attracted me to this show originally is that I identify with Steve. I learned at an early age to be extremely careful who you trust. Regardless of your opinion of Catherine, it’s a fact that she broke up with him. Should he trust her again? He doesn’t know yet.

Back at HQ, we find out that Duke the nuke was stolen by Josh Bennett, a man who has brown eyes and blue hair and suffers from borderline personality disorder. Oh, that’s a good combination! He’s probably going to sell it to a man named Hadad from Al-Qaeda. (I had to google Al-Qaeda to get the correct spelling, so I expect Homeland Security to show up on my doorstep at any moment.)

Off to Honolulu harbor to get Bennett.

It never ends well for the bad guys when Steve looks like this.


Unfortunately, it looks like Bennett has already sold the nuke to Hadad.

The next day is Kono and Adam’s wedding day! Such a lovely spot for a wedding! 🙂

Steve and Danny look so amazing! First I have to admire their handsomeness.

Okay. They begin by discussing the case and the fact that they didn’t find Duke the nuke. When Danny says he needs to leave to pick up Grace, I think it’s so lovely that Steve offers to go instead, because he knows that things are “weird” between Danny and Rachel. Yeah, her lying about who Charlie’s father is would probably create a little tension. That was so thoughtful of Steve to offer.

Catherine shows up, Danny leaves, and Steve and Cath have a moment to talk alone.
Steve: So, after the wedding, how long are you planning on staying?
Catherine: How long do you want me to stay?

They’re interrupted by Steve’s phone again. Hadad’s body has been found! Max says he died before they caught up with Bennett yesterday, meaning Hadad didn’t purchase the nuke and it’s still on the island! Duke is also still on the island, and accompanies Steve and Danny. He also looks nice in his tux.

They interrogate Bennett in the blue room, where Steve shoots him in the leg to get him to talk. Seems his plan was to make everyone think that Al-Qaeda purchased the nuke and set it off, when really Bennett was going to do it! He thought it would cause the United States to rally against and attack the Middle East.

Duke The nuke is on the Waikiki Trolley, so we need to race over there. Steve drives, as usual.

Danny watches, as usual.

They find the right trolley and pull it over.

I just liked this picture. Steve must have left his formal holster at home.

There is a convenient nuke-shaped box at the front of the trolley. It is not big enough for Duke.

Steve tries to turn off the timer.
Danny: There’s always a wire! Just cut the wire! Cut the wire!
Steve: There’s no wire, Danny.
They can’t stop the countdown!

Meanwhile, guests are gathering for the wedding. How long has it been since Kono’s outrigger adventure? I thought it was only a couple of weeks, but her mother’s hair has turned completely gray!

Max and Jerry are there and looking spiffy! Max’s tie is great!
Jerry: Where are those guys, anyway?
Max: Probably still dealing with the dead terrorist and the missing nuclear weapon.

Adam has to announce that Kono is busy with an emergency. This would make me worry, because Kono’s not a bride who would panic over seating arrangements. Nope, got to be something bigger.

Steve is driving the nuke-filled trolley over to Kamekono’s Shrimp Truck and Helicopter Pad. (That sounds like something I would make up, but in this case it’s real!)
Kamekona: Is that a….
Kono: W80 nuke.
Kamekona: I was gonna say bomb, but that’s even worse. You’re not gonna put that on my bird. It’s bad for business.

Lou and Chin have an attractive graphic that depicts how far offshore the nuke has to be when it explodes. 50 miles away, with at least 2 minutes left on the timer. This will keep Oahu safe from radiation and general destruction. The Little Mermaid, however, may not fare so well.

But will Steve and Danny be able fly out of the blast zone in time?
Danny: If we don’t die, which is a big “if,” I’m gonna be microwaving eggs with my finger.
Steve: You don’t get to die today, even though it would make my life a lot quieter.
(As usual, the music is awesome!)

The explosion gets everyone’s attention at the wedding.

If only they’d had The Claw.

Our heroes return, safe and sound!!!! Love the slow-motion part of this.

Hugs all around!

Kamakona is concerned because now no one will want to eat the fish. But that’s okay, because he has a new business in the works.

Lou: James Bond, my ass. 🙂

Happy, smiley people. Hands in the pockets.

Steve: Kono, you’re getting married in 5 minutes.

They arrive late to the wedding, but no one needs a radiation suit, so it’s all good.

The happy groom.

The BAMF bride. Sidearm not included.

Everyone gets seated. I thought Danny was bringing Melissa, though?
Renee: Where were you?
Lou: I was out saving the world, Woman.
Renee: You forgot to take the trash out this morning.

One last exchange between Chin and Kono, but then Chin realizes he left the rings in his car.

Unfortunately, Gabriel is in the parking lot (perhaps he works part-time as a valet?). He’s decided to stay on the island, and he offers Chin half of all the money he acquires if Chin will make sure Five-0 looks the other way. Wisely, Chin says no. After all, valet parking can’t be that good of an income, right?

And that’s it! I’ve heard that S6 picks up with the wedding, so Kono and Adam have to wait!

Thanks so much for reading! I’ll be back with more, to help us through the rest of the break!


11 thoughts on “#H50 Recap/Picspam: A Make Kaua (Until We Die) 5×25

  1. Welcome back & Congrats on the Master’s degree! This new post looks awesome and like a lot of fun (as usual!). I don’t have time to read and enjoy the whole blog before work but it definitely gives me something to look forward to . Thanks.

  2. Congrats on your degree and great to have you back and blogging again. I just love your recaps and they give me a good chuckle.

  3. Congratulations on your Master’s Degree! I’ve missed these so it was a welcome site in my mail box this morning. Love all the photos and the witty recap.

  4. Yay, a new blog post! You get the best screencaps by the way. THE CLAW!

    What is it about these shows and nukes being hunky dory as long as they explode in the water? My favorite show (The Blacklist) did the same thing. They didn’t need THE CLAW though; the nuke was in a BMW that the hunky FBI agent drove off a pier after a big crane unloaded it from a ship…

    Oh wait – I guess they DID use THE CLAW!

    • Hi, Brewgan! I haven’t seen The Blacklist, but I suspect if everyone keeps exploding nukes in the water (even with hunky cops and agents), the fishes are going to start protesting. Geez!

      Have you seen the H50 episode where they actually did use THE CLAW? Wo Fat used it to escape from prison. It was so crazy! I’ve brought THE CLAW back in a guest-starring role from time to time. 🙂

  5. Congrats on your degree! Welcome Back! I missed you and your funny, spot-on recaps!! Can’t wait for your next one!!

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