#H50 Recap 6×1: Mai Ho’oni I Ka Wai Lana Malie (Do Not Disturb the Water that is Tranquil)

Ahoy, my pretties, and welcome to season 6! Our Ohana is back!

I give this first episode 6 geckos. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by super-action-packed and bigger-than-life premier episodes before now, because this one just seemed a little flat. Lots of standing around and talking. But it’s still my H50 and there’s still lots to love! Some great lines, Kono being kick-ass Kono, nice smiles, men in tuxes, and a scary cliffhanger. And Pirates!!! Pirates! Pirates!!! Not zombies, but perhaps a Tongan or two.

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#ScottCaan Fan Video by @_valleygirl07

Aloha! Here’s a terrific video made by my fellow fan Janet as a tribute to Scott Caan. It isn’t strictly H50, but I hope you can all enjoy it anyway, because it shows so much about his talents, attitudes, depth, and complexity. Yes, I have a crush on him, and yes, I carry on sometimes about his smile and his muscles and….well, anyway, I do know there’s so much more to him to appreciate!

I’ll be back soon! Season 6 premier is almost here!