Recap/Picspam: 6×2 Lehu a Lehu (Ashes to Ashes) #H50

I’m a little slow with posting this week, but here we are!


Five geckos for this one. Not bad, but really not anything much  special. Some nice moments, some bad poetry, the return of a villain who surprises us at the end. And a robot. Not as good as a pirate, though.

Robots are fun, but honestly, this one got too much screentime. But they probably don’t have to pay him much. He is there because someone reported this unattended black briefcase that supposedly contains a bomb!

Other officers congratulate the operator of the robot. But wait—a bomb explodes in a parked car next to HPD’s robot-controlling tent!! (The tent doesn’t control the robot, the guy does. Weren’t you paying attention?)

We go from the exploding car to Adam and Kono at physical therapy. Or physiotherapy. Or Fysiotherapie, but I think that’s just the name of the business. I’m guessing that (1) Adam’s surgery wasn’t extensive, or (2) several weeks have passed, or (3) he heals as quickly as Steve does.

As they arrive at the crime scene, Steve gives us a peak of his tummy. 🙂 What a nice guy!

What’s this? Another briefcase was left unattended–this time at a TV station–and another robot-controlling tent has been set up. But Steve and Danny are attending this Kevlar-vest event!

This time there were no explosions. Instead, they found a flash drive inside the briefcase, which they plugged into the TV station’s computer. It had all these pictures and videos from the fires set by Jason Duclair, from season 5. Plus, a bonus bad poem about burning ladybugs!

So, off we go to visit Jason Duclair. He’s in prison. The briefcase-bomber must be a fan/friend (heretofore known as f/f) of his, since he’s demanding Duclair be released from prison.

Back at HQ, Steve wants to go through all of the letters Duclair has received, in hopes of finding the f/f. Also, Chin Ho tells us a little about the original ladybug poem and how it symbolizes Duclair’s fires. I remember reading this poem when I was kid, and it always scared me! While the ladybug is gone, her home burns with all of the kids in it! Chin will investigate all of the libraries to see if anyone has checked out a book that contains this poem. Library? Books?

Nice to see the guys are still following the only-blue-shirts tradition.

Meanwhile, Kono, Adam, and Adam’s wheelchair arrive home, courtesy of Jerry. Since they are newlyweds, Kono wants to be carried across the threshold, so she hops on Adam’s lap. Once they’re inside, though, she spots a Yakuza black car parked outside. Uh-oh!

Chin has discovered wila writing behind the stamps on the letters from Tim Richards. Wila does not refer to either the town in Switzerland or the Western Indiana Llama Academy. No, this wila is secret writing. It looks like just really, really small writing–not the kind that llamas could do. I suspect their writing is fairly large, since they probably have a hard time holding a pen with their two toes.
As long as they’re on the topic of llamas, Danny tells the group about a website that will translate your words into llama text. Check it out here!

Cargument time! The first topic is the possibility of Jerry having an office at HQ.

Steve: It’s just an office, Danny.
Danny: That’s like your girlfriend saying “It’s just a toothbrush.” Next thing you know, you’re out closet space, okay? And all your stuff’s been moved to the attic–including your sports memorabilia–and your garage is turned into an arts and crafts studio.
Steve: How did Rachel ever say yes to you? (<– I still think Danny and Rachel got married because Grace was on the way.)
And…we might end up making Bart Simpson pinatas for the rest of our lives….

Then we move onto the topic of The Marriage Proposal.

Steve: I’ve been planning the op. I secured a ring. I reconned a location. Now I just have to execute. (<–Is anyone surprised by this?)
Danny: Wow. I mean, it just sounds so romantic the way you say it, you know? I could see it now–you and Catherine in matching camouflage cargo pants on some very exotic shooting range, and you get down on one knee and you say, “Babe, I want you to join my unit for a lifelong mission.” 
Actually, that’s not half-bad, Danny. Maybe Steve will use it.

Steve: Sometimes, when your mouth opens and you speak, all I hear is “wa-wa-wa-wa.” It’s like I’m in a Charlie Brown cartoon, only you’re Linus, with better hair. 


They track down Mr. Richards. He was driving a car, not riding a llama.

While they question him, though, the cops sent to search his home find another bomb! It was not a trap, though. It was set by the real bomber to kill Richards so he wouldn’t squeal.

I really like the close-ups of Steve in the blue room.

Time to question Duclair, who is the one who ordered the hit on Richards. Ergo, he knows who his f/f is!

Steve receives a phone call from the f/f and is told to look out the window.

A video of the fire at Richard’s house is showing on the wall in the parking lot! The arsonist was there!

Weren’t they inside Halawa Correctional Facility when they were interrogating Duclair? How did the arsonist (formerly known as f/f) set up the video to play in a prison parking lot? And the guys didn’t have guns inside, but suddenly they run outside and have their sidearms!

Back at HQ, Chin and Lou have discovered a bomb-filled van parked outside! (I’ve always been a little confused about something, possibly since I’ve never been to Oahu. They talk about the Five-O offices being in the Iolani Palace, but the building looks more like the Aliiolani Hale.)

I laughed at Lou being all quiet and calm while he told people to get away, and then Chin starts yelling.

The arsonist’s instructions were to take Duclair out of the prison at the ungodly hour of 7 AM and wait for instructions. Had to be fun for him to get in and out of the backseat in those shackles.

Duclair himself knows where they’re going, though, and he directs them to hop on some llamas and go somewhere. I’m too lazy to go back to the video to look up where they were going. But I’m sure it’s somewhere that the llamas can graze.

Back in Waipahu, Chin and Lou have discovered that  the arsonist formerly known as the f/f is actually Andre Trout. That is a great name! The only thing better would be if his name was Andre Llama. They go to Andre’s house and find a set-up similar to my Scott Caan shrine, except a lot more sinister.

They also discover a bad poem based on Who Killed Cock Robin? In this version, the fish has a wish to be famous. This explains why his name couldn’t be Andre Llama, because then the poem would have to be about a camelid rather than a fish, and what rhymes with camelid?

Uh-oh! Trout wasn’t planning to set Duclair free, he was planning to kill him! He thought this would make him famous!

Luckily, Steve and Danny return, having figured out the meaning of the poem.

Steve chase Trout through the jungle. No llamas were harmed in the filming of this scene.

Danny tries to track down Duclair, but no luck.

Hi, Duke! Duke can’t find Trout or Duclair, either.

Steve doesn’t feel like he can leave or even relax with Duclair and Trout and Gabriel all on the loose. Catherine commiserates, because that’s just who they are. I don’t know why, but I have this feeling that this scene foreshadows something that might happen in the next episode. Maybe I’m just eager to see what happens when Steve executes Operation Marriage Proposal.

Surprise! Duclair calls Steve and says he’s enjoying a steak and red wine and waiting for Steve to join him! How does everyone know Steve’s phone number? And more importantly, how can I get it? And do they know Danny’s number, too?

Steve does the old hold-the-gun-under-the-tablecloth trick. Also, Duclair is wearing blood-soaked pants because Trout shot him in the leg, so the waiter hands him some extra napkins. Is it common for people in Honolulu to walk around wearing blood-soaked clothes? Kono last week and Duclair this week. But given the constant shootouts and car chases and nuclear bombs in the city, I guess it isn’t surprising.

Duclair gives himself up. He is obsessed with setting fires when he’s out in the world, and he can only find relief in prison.

Before he was taken away by HPD, Duclair gave Steve the key to the mailbox he used for corresponding with Trout and Richards. He won’t tell Steve what’s in it. Ewwww, Steve finds Trout’s ashes!

In the final scene, Kono wakes up during the night and sees a Yakuza car outside their house again. She goes out to confront them, but she finds that the driver and passenger and have been shot dead! Now what?? Do you think an evil Llama zombie did it?

And that’s all for this week! I hope you enjoyed!


4 thoughts on “Recap/Picspam: 6×2 Lehu a Lehu (Ashes to Ashes) #H50

  1. Ahahahaha, I think the llama’s were funnier then the episode! Thank you! And, yes, I went to the website to translate my words to llama text and played, it was fun!! 🙂

    I think that it was Adam’s father who killed Kono and Adam’s stalkers, or more likely, someone Adam’s father sent to do it. We haven’t seen him since his faked death but he’s still there somewhere.

    • Llamas R Fun! I tried to copy something in llamatext into the blog, but it was beyond my limited capabilities. 😦

      I thought Wo Fat did kill Adam’s father? Hmmmm…..

  2. Love the llama font!! Trying to figure how to incorporate it into business correspondence!

    On the news this morning I heard that the cops shot a suspect and he fled – he turned up in a hospital more than 20 miles away, easily accessible by hopping on NYC’s subway. So not only in HI is it common for bleeding people to eat in fancy restaurants, though I’m figuring it’s more common here in NY, the bleeders even traverse afar by public transportation undetected!

    Oh, I’ll never look at a ladybug in the same way again! Joking aside, it was a good episode, had a bit of a s1 feel to it.

    Thanks for this – your reviews are always a bright spot in my day!!

    • LOL!

      The next time I see a blood-covered person walking or dining or riding on public transportation, I will be sure to not act surprised. I wouldn’t want people to think I’m not sophisticated and up-to-date!

      I think I should have given this one more geckos. Now that I’ve thought about it for awhile, it really was good. Not an over-the-top kind of episode, but that H50 that I love was still there.

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