Recap/Picspam #H50: 6×3 Ua ‘o’oloku ke anu i na mauna (The Chilling Storm is on the Mountain)

Aloha! What did you think of our show this week? I say “Wow!” Lots of beautiful scenery, interesting case, and quite a surprise at the end! I think I’ll go with 7 geckos this week. I don’t seem to feel very lighthearted this week, but I hope you enjoy the recap anyway.

We start off with some beautiful scenery as Chin Ho rides his bike through the island in the early-morning mist. This would be so beautiful, I think! And he seems to be enjoying himself.

 photo 3_zpsbdwm3rwv.png
 photo 4_zpsffsxhonj.png

He arrives at Kono’s house, where the Yakuza dudes from last week are still dead. They’re concerned that the Grand Poobah of the Yakuza, someone named Shioma, will think Kono and Adam did this.

 photo a5_zps783tqapu.png

Then we pay a visit to some guy snorkeling and picking up items from the bottom of the ocean, like this gun, for instance. Sadly, his bag-o-stuff catches on some coral and rips open, spilling all of the stuff. When the gun hits some more coral, it discharges and shoots the guy in the chest! Talk about bad luck! I think this is where we’re supposed to sing “If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all.”

 photo a10_zpsbjjcpcwt.png

Now for some more luscious scenery. This time it’s the indoor kind! Sleepy, sweaty Steve is in bed with Catherine, who apparently woke him up early. They don’t say why exactly, but I suspect I know the reason.

Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

 photo a16_zps7hkqathn.png

She leaves the room, thinking he’s going back to sleep. He, however, decides to check on the ring for Operation Marriage Proposal. But then he hears her talking downstairs, in Pashto! Now I’m concerned–is he ever going to get that breakfast she promised to cook?

 photo a20_zps4mgmn3ej.png

And THEN–oh, my heart can’t hardly take this–we get some MORE indoor scenery in the shape of sleepy, nearly nekkid Danny!! The lighting at Danny’s house is not so good, though, so I can’t feast my eyes quite so much. *thud*

Once I recover from this double dose of deliciousness, I realize that there is someone in the room with Danny. No, not Melissa, but Eric!! Danny’s nephew is back in town.

 photo a25_zpsqhk2wpot.png

At Max’s place, we learn some more about the victim. He was Ben Lahinea, an artist known for his creations made from–you guessed it–crusty lost items found in the ocean. Max shares an interesting detail, though. The gun that killed Ben also killed a “John Doe” victim who washed up on the beach about six weeks ago.

 photo a30_zpsonuef9yo.png

Jerry is moving into his new office! It’s in the sub-basement of the Palace. 😦 I wonder if he brought a red Swingline stapler? I read somewhere that Ani, the boy who helped him move, is actually Taylor Wily’s son in real life, Youngaisa Wily! Ani was in an earlier episode, but I can’t remember if he was being tutored by Chin or Jerry or if he was helping them with something. It was when Jerry was living at Chin’s house.

Regardless, I like Jerry’s decor. I wonder if he brought the fallout shelter sign or it was there already?

 photo a35_zpso0typiwk.png

Steve and Danny are on their way to Rock Piles Surf Break, and they have a truly wonderful, friend-to-friend, adult conversation on the way. Although Danny did rant a little about how all the open places in the ocean seem to have names.

 photo a40_zpsviq2fwno.png

Steve shares his concerns about Catherine’s phone call to Afghanistan and how he thinks she might be leaving again. Danny, always the voice of reason (What? Did I just write that, and it’s not hyperbole??), points out that it could have been an innocent phone call. He wants Steve to confront her, and he can explain his overhearing the conversation as a “house casualty.” That means that it’s his house, and everything is fair game if he happens to overhear. It’s a “no-fault violation of privacy.” Steve likes this idea.

 photo a45_zpsbrxmkrb9.png

Steve has decided against Operation Marriage Proposal. He says he’d be an idiot to propose now, since she’s thinking of leaving. To me, this shows how really scared he is about being rejected. At the first hint of something amiss, he immediately backs off.

Danny: Why is the glass always half empty? What do you know about that phone call?…And what, you just gonna throw everything away behind a misunderstanding? That’s insane. 
Steve: You make a good point, I guess. 
Danny: Of course I make a good point, because I am not the type of person who freaks out at the first sign of uncertainty.
Steve: No you….no, you are not. 

*snort* No, Danny, you are not.

Danny: Do not abort this mission.
Steve: Yes, sir. 

 photo a50_zpsm8ofsntl.png

And then Steve takes off his shirt!! Tummy, chest, shoulders, legs….oh, my. And while thigh holsters are great, calf holsters are also appealing.

According to CBS, Alex did his own diving for this scene. He quickly finds the lost bag-0-stuff and the gun. He does not find anything else. Nope. Not anyone.

 photo a61_zpsmoleo9et.png

Danny invites Kono to join him at the crime lab, where Eric is busy working on the case. He sure got involved fast! He seems to know what he’s doing, though. He also knows how to be annoying and say offensive things. Lucky for him, Kono has her mind on other things and doesn’t punch him when he calls her “sugar lips.”

Eric: Got it, less caffeine and tone down the misogyny. 

 photo a65_zpsorpvu3xn.png

At HQ, Nahele drops off the engagement ring! It’s beautiful! (Do you remember Nahele? He’s the kid who stole the Merc, and Steve’s been kind of mentoring him ever since.)

 photo a70_zpsb3pk5uwt.png

Nahele: It don’t seem to right to spend all that money on an allotrope of carbon. 
Steve: An allotrope of carbon? Glad you haven’t been ditching your science classes.
Nahele: You could have spent that money on a new truck.
Steve: Yes, I could. But I wouldn’t trade what I got for anything. 

That is so sweet!!!! 

But Steve, did you ever get that breakfast that Cath promised to cook???

 photo a75_zpshqztdmsl.png

Eric figures out who the gun belonged to, but he sold it to Miko Mosley, who just happens to have been the first victim of that gun that also killed Ben! Was he killed with his own gun? Let’s go to his apartment with Steve and Lou to find out. They find expensive art, suits, and whatnot. But how did he afford these?

 photo 77_zps48j3qscu.png

Aha! He printed his own money!

So Miko (who I want to call Miki, ’cause that’s a cool name) was shot six weeks ago? Has this printer just been running on its own since then? 😕

 photo a80_zpsugp4kqon.png

Meanwhile, Danny asks Catherine to joint him at his favorite thinky spot, Diamond Head Lookout. He’s concerned about Steve, as are Kono, Chin, and Lou.

Danny: Catherine, I’m just looking out for my boy. 

I have tears in my eyes.

 photo a85_zpsxfougtrz.png

Danny: Are you gonna stick around for good?
Catherine: There’s nothing that I want more.

And I can “hear” and see the but…. She doesn’t say anything more. She also doesn’t say she staying.

 photo a90_zpsrkhbfnpk.png

Miko rented a house from Philip Kanae, and he paid cash! Probably some of that fake cash being spewed forth by the magic perpetually running printer. Did he shoot Miko? Steve and Danny head to Kanae’s home to find him, while Chin and Lou go to the rental house.

And I spied a mistake! See that open door on the right? The one with the screen covering it? (And why does he have that funky screen on on inside door?)

 photo a95_zps2tm8lxdp.png

Look, the door is now closed!

 photo a100_zpsy1r31wkd.png

As Steve and Danny say “Clear!”, they hear Chin and Lou also say “Clear.” Huh? OOOOhhh, Kanae had a secret camera set up at Miko’s rental! Actually, he had them at all of his rental properties! But…someone erased one day of recordings, from six weeks ago! A recording of Miko’s home, about the time that he was shot with his own gun?

Hi, Chin and Lou! ‘Sup?

 photo a105_zpshcavxuzt.png

Kanae is soon found dead in his swimming pool. Eric is there to help investigate. I would like to take a moment to say that I miss Charlie Fong. 😦

 photo a110_zps8sz3yjzt.png

Remember that set of keys that Ben found during his ill-fated snorkeling expedition? Eric found out that one of the keys was to a certain kind of boat. of which there are a limited number on the island. Kono and Steve are checking out the final one. They find blood inside the brand-new ignition.

 photo a120_zpsi8lqjmkg.png

The boat’s owner, Aaron, returns but steals another boat to get away when he sees Steve and Kono. Steve of course subdues him, but the boat almost slams into the dock until Steve saves the day.

 photo a130_zpsszaykpqn.png

Eric was able to recover the erased video from Kanae’s computer, so Chin gives him and Jerry the job of sorting through all 24 hours of video. This is a great job for Jerry! I’ve always felt bad for Chin having to do this work.

 photo a125_zpsioef0xxw.png

Back around the magic table computer, the group decides whether Chin should be shunned for not wearing the customary blue shirt.

Oh, and they watch the video of Miko’s murder by Aaron the boat owner. Aaron killed Kanea, too, because Kanea was trying to blackmail him. Oh, AND Aaron was selling drugs for someone. Guess who? Gabriel!!

 photo a135_zpsjhsvjk2v.png

One of the other things Ben found on the bottom of the ocean was a GoPro of surfer Eli Hoku. He died about a year ago, and Kono gives this final video of him to his widow and son. I feel like I should know who this Eli is, but I have no memory of him from previous episodes. This is touching, regardless.

 photo a140_zpskyvwvgfb.png

Steve returns home to find Catherine on the porch with her packed bags!!! What??

 photo a145_zps2xz6tzaa.png

You can see in his posture that he’s immediately defensive, and he has reason to be!

 photo a150_zpsviulniof.png

She tearfully explains that she needs more than a relationship can give her. She needs to feel needed and build something on her own. Steve needs her, but that isn’t enough. Catherine says she is going to help victims of the earthquake in Nepal.

Steve: Look, Catherine, if you want out of this thing, just look me in the eye and tell me you want out of this thing. 

I am crying now.

He tells her that if she leaves this time, it’s over. He isn’t going to wait for her.

 photo a155_zps5mbxlbwm.png

This hug. He’s so…shocked? Pissed off?

 photo a160_zpshu1sgz1g.png

She’s already called for a ride to the airport, and this black SUV shows up? I’m suspicious now. Who would pick her up in this?

 photo a170_zpsyj9qiawc.png

Steve says Aloha, but I think he’s wondering about the vehicle, too.

 photo a165_zpstf7w0lxd.png

 photo a175_zpslcfc5eky.png

As she rides off, she makes a phone call. Someone who addresses her as “Lieutenant” wants to know if her cover is good and if she’s okay with the mission!!!! 😮 What????

So, when did this start? Yesterday, or a year ago when she first went to Afghanistan? Or somewhere in between? Has she been leading Steve on as part of her cover? Who is she working for? Is it the CIA, and if so, is she working with McMom? I totally did not see this coming!!!

 photo a180_zpslvhybmvc.png

Steve closes the ring box. This seems so final and so sad. Poor guy. Why do so many people keep secrets from him and betray his trust? I identify so much with Steve on this.

 photo a185_zpsphewihm7.png

Is every woman in Steve’s life a spy? Is Aunt Deb really a Masad agent? Is Mary actually Agent 005, and Joan is an android who is part of her secret identity? The possibilities are endless!!!!


One thought on “Recap/Picspam #H50: 6×3 Ua ‘o’oloku ke anu i na mauna (The Chilling Storm is on the Mountain)

  1. That last scene really irritated me. They may have been genuine tears from Catherine but I didn’t really believe it. I don’t think Steve did either. However, I was very proud of him for saying that he wouldn’t wait for her any longer. Good for him!!! And, IT’S ABOUT TIME!

    I’m with you on the confusion of what Cath is doing. I’m assuming she’s involved with one of the alphabet soup agencies, most probably the CIA like you said. It was like, why treat it like closer and then rip it wide open again? I don’t get it.

    As to Wo Fat and Adam’s father…….hmmm, now I’m going to have to go rewatch those episodes to see if he really is dead! *gasp*

    Oh, and thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me relive the yumminess of the beginning of the show. yuuuuummmmmmmyyyyy!!! :-*

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