#H50 Recap/Picspam: 6×4 Ka Papahana Holo Pono (Best Laid Plans)

Aloha, my lovelies! Did you enjoy this week’s H50? I did, even though my Danny was missing. But he was off taking care of his son, and I can understand that. I found this to be a good story with lots of team involvement, some nice Ohana moments, and a great guest star. I give this episode 7 geckos on the Geck-O-Meter:

We start off on a sad note, as Steve is alone and sad. He’s missing Catherine. So poignant and touching, even though he says nothing. His look says it all, poor guy. Someone needs to give him a hug.

 photo a1_zpsffnfu994.png

Off to Makua Kea’au Forest Reserve, where some flower children–complete with vintage VW bus and shell leis–are gathering horticultural bounty to make beauty products and Beatnik Hand Cream.

 photo a5_zpsqusatwx7.png

Suddenly, $100 bills start fluttering around. Do those grow in Hawaii? Nope. Seems they belong to a dead guy, who may or may not have also been gathering flowers. Nah, probably not. Why would he need Benjamins for that?

 photo a10_zpsizurxlqn.png

Steve has gathered himself together, donned his blue shirt, and arrived at the hospital with Lou. How appropriate that he is driving Lou’s truck and relegating Lou to passenger status!

 photo a15_zpscufsiynw.png

They’ve brought eggplant parmesan for Danny, who is recovering from donating bone marrow for his son, Charlie. (BTW, isn’t his name Charles William? Does that make him Charles William Williams now? 😕 ) Regardless, it’s so nice that they are visiting him, and when Steve gets a call about the Case of the Fluttering Currency, Lou offers to take it so Steve can spend time with Danny. “Go make sure our boy’s okay.” Our boy. ❤ That is, as long as Steve doesn’t take all the credit for the eggplant parm.

 photo a20_zpsr9xfl7mx.png

The flower children got caught because they tried to buy a $90,000 car with the money, which turned out to be counterfeit! The kind created by Miko Mosley in last week’s episode, in fact! I found it a little creepy that they buried the dead guy after taking the money, but then again, I guess they couldn’t call the police without explaining about the money. No, that was creepy. And rude.

 photo a25_zpsxlfwokru.png

The dead guy was killed by an arrow. Hmmm….

 photo a30_zpsyyccyutb.png

Hey, I don’t want to miss a chance to display a hot shirtless guy!

Meanwhile, Adam has been nabbed by the Yakuza. Tom Bishop, in fact. Adam is confused: “You’re not Japanese.” Well, Adam, haven’t you heard of corporate diversity?? The Yakuza may be drug-running, gun-toting, nabbing-you-with-a-hood-over-your-head kind of people, but they still have to obey the Equal Employment Opportunity laws in the US. I thought everyone knew that.

 photo a35_zpsmef4op7x.png

When Lou and Chin Ho show up at the ME’s office, Max takes the opportunity to show them his blue outfit idea that he put together on Polyvore, in hopes that he will be included with the rest of the Blue Team. He is disappointed to discover that not everyone wore blue this week.

Max hides his disappointment by telling them that this is actually the clothing worn by the arrow-pierced dead guy. It’s all expensive stuff from the 80s.

 photo a40_zpsau2aq0j5.png

By de-aging the photo of the victim, they discover that he is Harrison Crane, a rich guy who disappeared more than 20 years ago. I wonder if he’s been wandering the jungle with all the counterfeit money since then?

Kono shows up and tells us that the archer was an ex-con who accidentally shot Crane when he thought he was shooting a boar. Or a bore, in which case he might actually have been aiming at Crane. The guy was rich, but we don’t know if he was witty.

 photo a50_zpsfivge6of.png

We also have another clue: some fingerprints on the fake Benjamins. Guess who? Mozzie! Wait, he’s Gerard Hirsch, the art appraiser and forger from last season! He’s also Mozzie from White Collar. Confused? Let’s just call him Hirsch.

 photo a55_zpskiagwpti.png

He’s now on parole and earning money by drawing caricatures at the beach. For $30 a pop!

 photo a60_zpsjby3y6zm.png

At Harrison Crane’s estate, Chin, Lou, and Jerry are let into his rooms by his maid who brings food and takes away laundry, but never actually enters. The place has all the necessities: canned food, a microwave oven, a brass bed, and a turquoise puppet theater.

 photo a65_zpsf856dk5d.png

It’s apparent that Crane hid himself away because of severe OCD. They also find contemporary photos of a young woman, even though everything else is from the 80s. They do not find puppets.

 photo a70_zpsfqydfhka.png

Hirsch starts out trying to deny that he knew Crane. “That guy made J. D. Salinger look like a social butterfly.”

Hirsch explains that his prints were on the fluttering money because Crane sold him an original Edward Hopper! (I LOVE Hopper’s work! I saw an original at a museum this summer and it was amazing!) And Hirsch got the money when he sold some artwork to Miko Mosley, but he didn’t know it was counterfeit. Nearly everyone who sees that money can tell that it’s counterfeit, but the forger can’t!

 photo a75_zpsakt1dsfo.png

A quick trip to Crane’s lawyer lets us know that the the young woman in the photos, Laura Ioane, was not a puppeteer, but the daughter of the one woman Crane loved, many years ago. He established a trust fund for Laura to honor his lost love, and he eventually became friends with her, too.  photo a80_zpstmzobrvr.png

Adam is keeping busy while his wife is occupied with solving crimes. The non-Japanese Tom Bishop wants him to get some answers out of Aaron, the murderer from last week’s episode, because he probably knows where Gabriel is. Looks like Adam means business!

 photo a90_zpsgn3fghp1.png

Case summary: They’ve figured out that Laura was kidnapped, and Crane sold the Hopper to get enough cash to pay the ransom. That must be why he was out in the jungle. He was not looking for pirates, wildflowers, caricatures, puppets, pancakes, or bananafish.

 photo a95_zpscnvqmhwe.png

Kidnapper Dude wants the painting directly from Hirsch, now that the news is out that Crane is dead as a doornail. But oops, Crane already sold the Hopper to a Russian crime lord.

 photo a100_zps8omhjndg.png

Five-0 is going to have to steal back the stolen painting! Steve’s truck is gaining a reputation for its speediness (remember Lou’s complaints about it?)

Kono: Is you foot even on the gas?   😛
Steve: There’s a reason we always take Danny’s car, okay?

 photo a105_zps1yfjw5ir.png

Chin and Lou cast a disparaging look at Steve and his slow truck, then zoom ahead to catch the Russians.

 photo a110_zpsgav9rtal.png

Those silly Russians throw the painting out the window!!! Egads! An original Hopper! Steve hops into traffic to save it.

 photo a115_zpsphm3epnc.png

Oops! Gotta dodge the cars. At least, I hope that’s what he’s doing.

 photo a120_zpsdrmcktp2.png

He did it! Along with a lovely little flourish of a somersault during his dismount. Perfect 10! Olympic Gold Medal Pommel Horse Gymnastics

 photo a125_zpsa7jie5vs.png

This is the only look we get at the painting. 😦

 photo a130_zpscxmumayd.png

Hirsch has to wear a specially made, very loud, wire-containing aloha shirt when he hands the painting over to Kidnapper Dude. I love that Kono turns her back while he changes. Steve would have just ripped off his shirt in the middle of the room and walked around half-naked. I wish.

 photo a135_zpsozuwh4uz.png

Hirsch: Okay, how does it look? Honestly?
Kono (suppressing a grin): You look fine.
Hirsch: Can I at least wear a bulletproof vest?
Kono: Why? If they shoot you, it will be in the head.
Hirsch: You’re the reason I’m in all of this mess to begin with. If you hadn’t honeypotted me, I never would have fallen for that sting.
Kono: Honey-what?
Hirsch: You used your feminine charms to entrap me.
Kono: I was just doing my job.
Hirsch: Maybe so, but you can’t deny there’s something between us.

I believe it’s called “air.”

 photo a140_zpslgjil3tz.png

Cool shot of Waikiki. Surfer Dude

 photo a145_zpscdv9w0ed.png

Hirsch starts his journey to locate Kidnapper Dude, while Lou enjoys a cup of coffee.

 photo a150_zpswxkqvq3l.png

Steve and Chin practice looking bad-ass in the van.

 photo a155_zps4fe6g0ff.png

Hirsch pauses to get more instructions from Kidnapper Dude. Watch out for arrows! This is how the whole thing started!

 photo a157_zpsrxspa2vy.png

When Hirsch’s phone stops moving, undercover Kono investigates.

 photo a160_zpseppjhnda.png

Kono! He’s right there! He changed into a darling red hat and Cheeseburger in Paradise t-shirt!

 photo a165_zpslhw93y6n.png

The drop…

 photo a170_zps5vbwaafx.png

Steve and Chin chase Kidnapper Dude, who happens to be driving a car. That doesn’t stop these guys, though! They want to earn that gold medal in sprinting to go with Steve’s gymnastics honors.

 photo a175_zps6hzds5xi.png

Oh, no! Someone t-bones Kidnapper Dude’s car, and he’s killed! Now how will they find Laura? Hirsch remembers that they guy has a partner.

 photo a180_zpsn8pmhyuq.png

Coincidentally, Kidnapper Dude has called his mom about a gazillian times. And it’s not even Mothers’ Day.

 photo a185_zpswrimvjph.png

Guess what? His partner really is his mom! I honestly thought that was a code name! Kidnapper Mom is also Crane’s maid. She’s easy to catch.

 photo a190_zpsj9vnqinb.png

She helped Kidnapper Dude because he’s had a rough life and deserved more. Oh, well, that’s a good reason.

 photo a195_zps0lyq7gjv.png

Steve discovers that Laura is hidden in a hole under a very large concrete vase.

 photo a200_zps71ruly17.png

Adam is still busy with non-Japanese Tom Bishop and the Yakuza. He can’t get Gabriel’s location, so Tom shoots Aaron. And then tells Adam that he’d better come up with that money, even if he has to get his hands dirty. Hmmmm, maybe Bishop wants Adam to gather flowers in the jungle and make Beatnik Hand Cream?

 photo a205_zpsi3ed9orm.png

❤ Time for a lovely Ohana moment like I love. Steve goes to the hospital to visit Danny, then joins them at their current fav, Rumfire.

 photo a210_zpsu2ftefon.png

Awwwww, Hirsch made caricatures for the group! These are great! I just wish we had one of Danny, too.

I don’t think he went overboard on Steve’s abs, do you?

 photo a215_zpswolcfo0a.png

 photo a220_zpsn7bdno3h.png

 photo a225_zpstmr44fgt.png

The guys watch Kono chug a beer.

 photo a230_zpsc1ow9l3q.png

Kono: Oh my god, that’s Jerry Rice.
Hirsch: Oh, from “Dancing with the Stars”!
Lou fills everyone in on all of Rice’s stats, including 3 Super Bowls for the San Francisco 49ers. (Can we start calling our team the 5-0ers?)
Hirsch: I don’t follow baseball.       😀

Steve explains what’s going on with Danny and gets Rice’s autograph.

 photo a235_zpssawhngfo.png

Group picture! Poor Danny always misses the football players!

 photo a240_zpsahhky8ax.png

We end with Kono and Adam again. Is Adam going to become a bad guy?

 photo a245_zpsbuns3b0o.png

As always, thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “#H50 Recap/Picspam: 6×4 Ka Papahana Holo Pono (Best Laid Plans)

  1. Cute review! Mozzie/Gerard was great – he’s a fun guest star and did an excellent job on showing off all of Steve’s attributes!! I really think that as the head of 5-0 Steve deserves a great car with lots of class and speed like him, what about a Maserati?? I do love that the writers explained Danny’s absence. Hmm, I wonder if Mrs. Grover made the eggplant parm?? Wow, Jerry Rice and Alex on the same set – amazing that it didn’t spontaneously combust with all that hotness!! All-in-all It was a very nice episode – they all seemed relaxed and to be having fun! Loved the ending – Ohana at it’s best!!

    • A Maserati would be perfect for Steve! Makes total sense. I hope they bring Gerard back often. I know, I’m surprised my TV didn’t explode! It definitely got warm in here. 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!

  2. I LOL’ed on your mention of the puppet theater in Crane’s “getaway” ’cause I watched the episode without my glasses on, so I wondered why he had a porta-potty in his office. Thank you for the clarification. I even said out loud, “*That’s what that was!”


    Harry 🙂

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