#H50 Thursday Thrills: Hugs

Aloha! I am still struggling to keep up with life, so there’s no countdown post this week. 😦 Sorry! But because I love all of my readers, I’d like to at least send you some hugs!

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Aloha! I’ve been away from the computer for a few days, but I think things are back to “normal” now. I’d like to share a collection of wallpapers I’ve been making this month. Assorted sizes, but I’m always open to special requests if you have any. 🙂 Just click the thumbnail to be taken to the fullsize graphics.

 photo wpjune4_zps7b27dd7d.png  photo wpjune6_zps52fee0d5.png

 photo wpjune3_zps2eb0c66d.png  photo wpjune1_zps224a3eff.png

 photo wpjune2_zpse5b6e513.png  photo wpjune5_zps885d7780.png


Monday Magic: The Letter H #H50

Time for a celebration of the letter H here on Monday Magic, on yet another new episode Monday. I think I went a little crazy with the number of pics this time.

H is for…


We do get to see some beautiful scenery. And the pictures of the Hawaiian landscape are nice, too!


I made this a couple of months ago but have never posted it here. 

Uncle Steve hug

Sister hug

BFF hug

Monkey hug

Cousin hug

My fantasy hug

Old friend hug

You were just saved from a bomb hug (which seems to happen a log on this show)

Group hug


Hands involved in your fantasy?

Nekky trigger finger


We must talk about Steve’s shorter hair!

Just plain beautiful hair

Remember how Chin Ho started out with longer hair?

His hair got shorter after the pilot episode

Then he went much shorter in S3!

Kono’s first-season hair was different, too. 

She got more sophisticated in S2.

Such messy hair!


Walking down the hallway is an integral part of solving the case and discussing personal matters.

Would you walk down the hallway with Steve? 🙂