Thursday Thrills: Number 3 #H50

Hello! We’re up to our (my) 3rd top reason for loving H50! And this week, it’s….Hot Guys! (Anyone surprised that I went there. No? Yup, you know me.) My  head nearly exploded looking at all these pics, so I probably forgot something important. Forgive me?

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#H50 Thursday Thrills: Number 4

I’m late today, but I’m here! Happy Thanksgiving to all of my US friends, and happy Thursday to the the world! Although, by now it’s probably Friday for many of you, so Happy Friday!

This week we’re at 4! The number 4 reason we love our Hawaii Five-0 is…..

The incredible actors who bring our show to life! We love all of them, but I decided for today to focus on the official cast regulars.

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#H50 Thursday Thrills: Hugs

Aloha! I am still struggling to keep up with life, so there’s no countdown post this week. 😦 Sorry! But because I love all of my readers, I’d like to at least send you some hugs!

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