Steve Reads Woman’s Day

Back in season 2, we were treated to Steve reading Woman’s Day magazine while waiting to meet with the governor. That prompted me to make this caption:

The next week, I spotted a perfect opportunity to mention Woman’s Day again.

The whole “Steve Reads Woman’s Day” idea just took on a life of its own from there. People started asking for one from every new episode! And since I’m a silly person, I started making them. Some came out directly after a new episode, some just appeared one day. 😉 I’ll be posting all the archives here.

Steve handed this one to me by actually using the words “doilies” and “flowers” in the episode! I love him!

You may notice as I go along that my Photoshop skills were not very good at first. I hope there’s been some improvement.

This one seemed funny right after the episode aired, because an agent’s “red book” was part of the plot. Now I realize it’s not so good if you forgot that part!

Must be why they didn’t invite him back. He and Lori kept talking about Redbook.

He was so proud of this endorsement!

I doubt that they had a pattern for Slutty Wonder Woman, so she must have dressed as something else.

A foreshadowing of the Odd Couple that we see when Danny stays at Steve’s house?

I’ve heard that he uses the “pile system” of organizing, Steve.

Ki’ilua (Deceiver) was such an emotional episode, I had a hard time coming up with a Woman’s Day idea. Instead, we just admired Steve’s new tat that week.

It didn’t take too long until some of Steve’s friends caught on to the trend. Joe even submitted an article!

Of course, we have to see what Joe wrote about. I don’t remember why I made two versions!

Do you think he teaches about this at BUD/S?

Woman’s Day came in handy when Chin Ho got married.

If you’ve been wondering why Steve doesn’t wear cargo pants as much during S3, I think I know the answer.

It was a sad day at Five-0 HQ.

This one makes more sense if you remember that Subway sandwich “commercial” that they put in the middle of the episode. Remember how Kamekona was going to lose weight?

This is one of the captions that doesn’t seem that funny now that I look back. Cute maybe, but no so funny.

On the other hand, the spinach frittata is still one of my favorites!

Remember when they had a surprise birthday party for Steve?

Chin is so nice!

It was challenging to come up with something when Steve wasn’t in the episode.

I knew he was going to be glad that he brought a copy on the plane.

I always knew that Wo Fat was pure evil.

Quite possibly the happiest day of Steve’s life!

Quite possibly the happiest day of my life, when Woman’s Day made a second appearance in the deleted scenes!!

I was so excited I couldn’t pick just one caption!

Told you I liked that spinach frittata (with a side of Iron Chef America).

Steve got a little bored during the hiatus last summer.

The spinach frittata triumph!

We will never know…

Yet another “not as funny in retrospect” one.

Remember when he tried to give Danny the nickname “Boo-boo”? “Okay, bears are out.”

McMom is a snoopy snooper who snoops.

I’ve tried to get invited to this, but no luck so far.

Steve was so mortified when he found out someone was trying counterfeit his favorite magazine!

Danny was so excited about driving Cammy the Camaro!

The Aloha Girls have their priorities straight. Danny and Uncle Steve were so proud of Grace!

I don’t think Cath was as happy as Steve was.

Not Martha Stewart Living!!!!

That decorating advice is sacred, I tell you.

Woman’s Day and Football, a classic combination

By request

Explains why she was robbed

I’m always so happy to see how Steve’s friends love Woman’s Day, too!

Not Good Housekeeping!

In a totally unrelated post we learned that Steve has started a lei-making club. That turned out to be a good move for him!

Poor Steve….

Catherine got the benefit of Woman’s Day, too! What a heartfelt gift.


24 thoughts on “Steve Reads Woman’s Day

  1. These are absolutely hilarious! I totally cracked up by the knitted camo pjs for Cath LOL I am so glad you put them all up here, will be easier to come back for more laughs 😀

  2. I am laughing so hard at Steve not wearing cargos this season because they’re a fashion no-no! Actually, now that I think about it, it’s really sad.

    This was hysterical. Thanks!

    • I made that one about the cargoes early in S2, so it was just coincidence that he’s wearing them less often now. Or is it? Maybe Peter Lenkov or someone else actually took my “fashion advice.”

  3. The “Annual Woman Day Thanksgiving Day Hunt” LOL!! The Engine repair one – But nope got a good recipes for Tuny!! LOL!!
    These are good!! Love these, thanks for the laughs.

    • Thank you! You can imagine that Steve would be quite good at tracking magazines through jungles. He probably has special Woman’s Day radar.

  4. ^^ THESE ^^ are so funny!! I couldn’t possibly pick my favourite. I burst into hysterical laughter at the first one already and now I’m pretty exhausted by laughing throughout this entire page. I can hardly type… Please go on with these as long as you find inspiration!

    And: What have you done to your header today again?! I do like the look of it, but changes aren’t good for my autistic tendencies and they keep on throwing me out of balance. Just sayin…

    • I’m so glad you’re enjoyed them so much!!

      I wasn’t happy with the first new header, but now I’m good with this one. It won’t change again anytime soon! The very first one was just a placeholder until I had time to make what I wanted. 🙂

  5. Hysterical! The original is still a goodie but I love the Aloha Girls’ patch and the Wo Fat one. Genius! And I’m totes impressed you managed to use discombobulated.

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  7. Ha ha ha ha!!! That is so awesome being able to read through all the WD’s in chronological order! You are brilliant, and a master Photoshopper!

    LOL (still laughing)!!!

  8. I could look at these same ones every week and still get a laugh out of them. Wonderful job and always enjoy seeing new ones. Thank you!

  9. These are all so funny and I like the way you have changed it up and inserted it into the storyline and photos in so many different ways. Great job.

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