#H50 Recap 6×1: Mai Ho’oni I Ka Wai Lana Malie (Do Not Disturb the Water that is Tranquil)

Ahoy, my pretties, and welcome to season 6! Our Ohana is back!

I give this first episode 6 geckos. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by super-action-packed and bigger-than-life premier episodes before now, because this one just seemed a little flat. Lots of standing around and talking. But it’s still my H50 and there’s still lots to love! Some great lines, Kono being kick-ass Kono, nice smiles, men in tuxes, and a scary cliffhanger. And Pirates!!! Pirates! Pirates!!! Not zombies, but perhaps a Tongan or two.

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#H50 Recap/Picspam: 5×21 Ua helele’i ka hoku (Fallen Star)

Gecko-O-Meter: 7 Geckos (I debated between 6 and 7, really)

We open with lots-o-flashbacks to a variety of episodes. Interesting! Is this one going to extend all of these stories?

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Recap/Picspam 4×18 Ho’i Hou (Reunited) #H50

Geck-O-Meter: 7 Geckos

I really enjoyed the fan built aspect of this episode and thought the writers did a clever job working everything in. I’m also happy to have a little bit of the Champ box mystery returning. I think it adds some depth beyond the story of the week.

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#H50 Thursday Thrills: Number 4

I’m late today, but I’m here! Happy Thanksgiving to all of my US friends, and happy Thursday to the the world! Although, by now it’s probably Friday for many of you, so Happy Friday!

This week we’re at 4! The number 4 reason we love our Hawaii Five-0 is…..

The incredible actors who bring our show to life! We love all of them, but I decided for today to focus on the official cast regulars.

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Monday Magic: M #H50

Welcome to Magic Monday! A memorable day in the Merry Month of June!

A funny thing happened with last week’s post. The designer who created the paper I used in the background of the letter L recognized her work! She’s a fellow H50 fan! If you enjoy digital scrapbooking, visit Ang’s shop at Scrap Girls. I used another of her designs this week, but sadly the letter M doesn’t allow much background to show.

Next week, I probably won’t have a Monday Magic post. I have a house full of visitors and just don’t think I’ll have time to put together a good entry this week.

Now, onto our most marvelous letter M!

M is for….

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