Tongan Pirate Zombies

Way back in S1, a little scene happened that just caught my fancy and has lived on in much of my writing. Tongan Pirate Zombies! (I need to make new pics now that I’ve made better caps, but this will work for now. 🙂 )

Max had just told them that their two victims were killed 24 hours apart, even though the circumstances under which they were found meant that that they had to have been killed at the same time. Some pirates had attacked a catamaran. One of the pirates, who was from Tonga (or at least of Tongan descent), had been killed earlier, so Danny said, “Either Max is wrong, or we’re dealing with a Tongan Pirate Zombie.” Steve replied in a logical way, but it’s much funnier if I pay attention to the first part, “It’s possible.” Steve believes in Tongan Pirate Zombies! Okay, he actually went on to say something like, “He could have been killed earlier and the body stored somewhere.” See? Not nearly so ridiculous. And I like ridiculous.

The point of this whole story is: The is the reason you’ll sometimes read references to Tongan Pirate Zombies. Because they make me laugh!!!

I even wrote a little Crack!fiction about them 🙂 Attack of the Tongan Pirate Zombies

3 thoughts on “Tongan Pirate Zombies

  1. Ok, how long has this page been up? I noticed it only today and now I wonder about the exact degree of my inattentiveness 😦 BUT, I’m ready to accept the Tongan Pirate Zombies as my new personal joke. Long live the pirate zombies 🙂 ! < See what I did here?

    • LOL! Love live the pirate zombies, indeed!

      You didn’t miss much. I think I put this up a couple of days ago. And I didn’t do anything to call attention to it. I just get all excited (ok, more excited than usual) whenever they mention Tongans, or pirates, or zombies. Zombies don’t come up too often.

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